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Cellulitis From Tricep Injection

I injected 1.5cc into each tricep with test e 250, deca 200, tren a 100. All previously opened and used vials. Been injecting with these vials for 2 weeks. Did a tricep injection on Monday in each arm and my second inject on my tricep became infected. I’m not sure how this can happen since my first arm injected is not infected and I injected my lat with 3cc of the same stuff with no infection the next day. Anyone have any idea how this happened? Maybe a bad spot on the tricep caused some damage under the skin causing cellulitis? Maybe poor alcohol wiping of the area?

How bad is the swelling? Do you need antibiotics?
If the swelling goes down of its own accord in the next couple of days, its not an infection, more likely some localised aggravation. This seems to happens occasionally from a rough injection, nothing to be concerned about. Genuine cellulitis, I would be jumping on some antibiotics…

Yeah it was infected. Got a shot of 3cc of some antibotic stuff at the doctors, 3rd time in the past 6 months lol. I refiltered my gear and heated it first before I shot it again. Had to be impurities in it since it was not giving me problems every time. Plus the wrong filter was used when it was brewed so it didn’t actually filter since the membrain deteriorated from the BB. So I used a PVDf filter on it this time.

And the swelling wasn’t too bad. This time it stayed in the muscle but wasn’t improving and puffed up more than any pip I ever had. Not very painful which lead me to believe it was infected

Always better to take precautions and safe rather than sorry. Let us know how you go?