Cellulitis - Action Plan?

So coming up on last pin of a Test-E 500mg/wk cycle. I rotate the glutes for pins. About 4 weeks in I got cellulitis and had antibiotics to clear it up. I absolutely needed them. Fast forward 8 weeks and on the other side it is a little pissed off and might be developing again. Pinned on Monday, a small spot is firm and warm starting last night but not terrible.

Would a warm compress help things along? Anything else to nip this in the bud?

I am super clean about everything. Never had a problem first two cycles and feel I have bad luck or bad gear? I finished the vial that I had the problem with, but I can only imagine the next was from the same batch. Since I am at the end of cycle I am more concerned how to not go on antibiotics again than I am if it was bad gear.

Thanks in advance!