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Anyone know any tips to get rid of cellulite on my legs.

we need to know more about you and your life, training, diet, etc. your question is too general to answer effectively.

Cellulite is a bit more complicated than just “losing fat.” Sorry to say this, but you’ll really have to read tons of this topic as few can explain how to lose it. It tends to be more dietary adjustments though.

its a combination of dietary and exercise methods, PM me if you want to know more, as it is quite long and Ive researched the subject alot.

A little more info about me. I am 5’11 160lbs and 23 years old. I have been active in sports all of my life. I have been lifting weights sence i was in High school. I lift my legs mostly. curls, extentions, butt blaster, I work my inter and outer thighs. I do not lift light. I also do 30 min of walking a day. Or 15 min or running and then i walk the rest 15. I have battled with cellulite on my legs sence i can remember. it jsut won’t go away.

By the looks of it, it has to be your diet.

Please give us more info on your diet. Total cals? Pro? Carbs? fats? Supplements? Water? etc…

And we should be able to help you

dude just said he uses the “butt-blaster”. I never thought i would see that on this forum.

So… a buttblaster? Is that like an enema?

Isn’t that what Jackson’s getting busted for?

I beleive cellulite is more genetics than anything else. I have known women that have some that are not overweight at all. There has to be something more to it than eating right, though I am sure that helps. Maybe soft tissue manipulation?

I think i need to clear up something. I forgot to say i was using my boyfriends log in name. He does not need any help with cellulite. My name is amy. He read the replys that people wrote and made me post this

You still need to post your diet info, for us to help you.

I usually take in about 2000 or less calories a day. I eat alot of salads.I try to keep my carb at about 50 grams a day. I eat wheat bread and stay away from pastas. Protien 100 grams a day.I try to eat lean meat. I don’t eat that much fried stuff. If i do it is chicken. I do usually eat French fries at least 1 time a week maybe two.

Well if you have had an under 2000 cal diet for an extended period of time you shouldnt have a major cellulite problem.

50 Grams of carbs? thats a bit too low if you ask me. I don’t think you will have enough energy for you workouts and active lifestyle this way.

Hows your water intake? efa? how do you space your meals? and do you take any supplements? etc. Would all be heplful because up till now i cant find a single major problem.

I drink alot of water, that is all i drink. i am pretty tired most of the time. I try to eat little meals through out the day, 4-5. I don’t take any supplements.

When i was a kid growing up i was big. But as i got into high school, i got into sports and the weight went off and the cellulite has stayed. I have tried everything. Lipo is something i think about having done.

Amy, cellulite is frustrating. No two ways about it. There are not fast or easy solutions. It’s a long-term commitment to increasing the amount of LBM (Lean Body Mass) that you carry and reducing BF (Body Fat). And honestly, that lower-body, gluteofemoral fat, which is often plagued by cellulite, will be the (almost) last to go.

Spot reduction is a myth. Yes, it helps to work your legs and butt, but in the context of the advice given above, you’d do well to focus on compound, multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, pullups or chinups, bent-over rows, tricep dips and the likes because it requires the coordinated effort of any number of muscle groups. In other words, you do one exercise, but get a bigger bang for the buck.

There are supplements that will help, but I’m not even going to recommend them at this point because they ONLY work if your diet is dialed in and if you’re working out like I recommended above and IF (final “if”) you’re seeing positive changes in body comp; i.e., LBM is increasing and FM is decreasing.

If you get a chance (and are so inclined) go ahead and register and get your own log-in name for the forum. Then you’re in a position to join in the fun and get support specific to your situation.

your tired because your eating to little carbs. My mom was saying that her cellulite went away from doing her litlte Walk Away the pounds video thing. And marion Jones’s have appeared to disappear since seeing her at the Penn Relays. So I would say maybe give some 400meter training a try. BTW DOnt jump into any kind of high mileage work. You don’t want to get hurt.

I think the chances of anyone eating under 50g carbs daily that eats french fries and “wheat bread” are somewhere between slim and none.

in responce to me eating 50 grams of carbs a day. give or take a few. and also i eat one peice of wheat bread a day usually in the morning. not the whole bag. french fries if i do eat them it is a small order. I don’t eat them day in and day out. it is possible to eat 50 grams of carbs