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A girl approached me the other day. She said she had cellulite on the back of her legs. She asked how to get ride of it. I would have said lower your bodyfat, but this girl was skinny and petite. She does not do any weight training and does not want to do any weight training. She eats pretty reasonable from what it sounded like. She also runs 3 times a week she said. Does anyone know what causes cellulite and if so how the hell do you get ride of it?

The way I understand it, the only way to get rid of cellulite if to lipo it out. In fact, decreasing bf levels may actually make the existing cellulite appear more prominent. Ever seen one of those super skinny women who still has lumpy ass cheeks and legs? They actually look a little better with more bf.

If she doesn’t want to incorporate weight training into her routine, then tell her to get used to the cottage cheese. Then again, maybe it’s just a genetic thing, and she will have to learn to live with it anyway.

You can be skinny and still be fat. Wasn’t there something out awhile ago that stated that cellulite is fat - plain and simple? And why doesn’t she want to do weight training? Fear of becoming too muscular? Take it from me, it won’t happen. And I also know people who run alot and feel that they don’t need to weight train - however, they always have that “little bit” of fat that just “won’t go away”. And they wonder why I stay so lean w/out cardio - well, I weight train. Also, if she’s been holding the same routine for awhile, her body has obviously gotten pretty useto it and doesn’t feel the need to expend any more than now. Hence that little bit of fat. I would also suggest she start a food journal - at least for a month - to really SEE what she eats and WHEN. Best to see it all written out. And have her try weight training at least for one month. Beginners should see results in that period - she should give it a shot.

Being skinny skinny and petite does not mean she has a low bodyfat %, she needs to lift.

Cellulite is actually caused by dead adipocytes (fat cells). It is believed that some forms of fat are toxic to the fat cell and eventually poison it to death. Once the cells die the space previously occupied collapses causing the skin to pucker. Liposuction is an option in some cases but not all.

Thanks to all who have responded. I really did not ask her why she does not train with weights. I did make the comment that women who weight train will not get big and bulky and that she should try it. The thing is you guys are right I mean I have never seen a girl who has alot of muscle have cellulite. I do wonder if she at least did a lower body program you know some squats, lunges, and leg curls if that would take care of the problem. When I said skinny yeah shes skinny but was covered head to toe with cloths. So I didnt get much of a glimpse into her muscle ton or bodyfat %. I am really confused and want to help this girl. I just do not know what to do. So far I think I should tell her to try a high protein low-moderate carb diet. Then train the lower body every 4 days lets say with weights. I mean I dunno. I NEED HELP!!! lol so please any more thought or input please. I seriously doubt she would lift weights even if I designed a program for her. This is why I want to keep it to lower body only. So any more thoughts? Please.

I would tell her she has 2 options, liposuction or lifting weights, if she does not want to lift weights then she has no use for you and you should tell her that your services would be a waste of her money.

“Cellulite” is just a made up word. Fat is fat is fat. A person’s genetics determine whether fat deposits take on a puckered appearance or not. She needs to lose some weight. Or, more precisely, change her BF%.

Dude, then why oh why did she approach you? I say, design a routine for her, stressing the lower body and her “fear of muscle-state” and show it to her. I am a woman and former fitness trainer - and I lift heavier than MOST guys in the gym. BUT - I am demurely batting lashes still quite feminine in form. Most of my women clients chose me as a trainer because of how I looked (feminine muscularity) - and most of my men clients chose me due to how I trained. Get it? A women aint’ gonna get all “Bev Francis” (the Bev in Pumping Iron II) with just a few lifts here and there. And you can dispell the “well, I get muscular EASILY” response. That’s just bullshit and the women for whom this phenomena is true are like one in a couple of hundred. It sounds like you would love to help this chick out - cool. Then DO IT. (the following is for the biz side of Personal Training - SO PAY ATTENTION) -If you’re sincere about it - then be sincere about it. Clients will appreciate sincerity and honesty more than anything. That should be the basis of P Training, anyhow. Give her a one month trial period of weight training. Make it fun - now this is gonna challenge your creativity - but go outside the box of “regular weight training” - and show her rubber-band and fitball routines. Maybe in the future, you can do some plyometrics? Those are fun and since she’s a runner, maybe would like to do some outside stuff. Tell her what weight training could do to the future of her mysterious “cellulite” - as in possibly ELIMINATE the damn stuff. THIS will be her beginning to enlightenment…okay, that was too much. But hopefully, you get my point.

She’s just a classic skinny-fat girl – she really needs to weight-train if she wants to do something about her legs, which aren’t going to look good without some muscle anyhow. On a slight digression, I have lots of my girlfriends’ friends ask me similar questions: “I want to lose weight – but it’s too hard to watch my diet, and I don’t want to weight train, and I don’t want to sprint. What should I do?” Argh.

The only way to help her is to disabuse her of the notion that she can do light cardio and moderate dietary modifications and make any progress. Put her on a weight-training program - start out slowly so she won’t quit, but tell her also not to expect a 1-week miracle cure. Best of luck.

One thing that she should do is modify her diet.
I was watching a TV show with/about models. One of them was talking about cellulite, and she said that she was on a diet that decreased the likelihood of her getting cellulite.
Since I was more interested in the eye candy than the information, I can’t tell you which foods to stay away from. There should be information out on the internet somewhere.

Sorry it took me so long to post. If the girl is against weight training (at least for now), maybe you could introduce her to Ian King. Well, actually I mean introduce her to his “Limping” Series, especially as found in T-mag Issues 70 and 71. There are a good number of bodyweight-only leg exercises in these articles. Maybe this could be a way to “ease” her into weight training, although you may wish to take it easy on her so she can walk half-normally afterward. Hope this helps.

There was a Pumping Iron II? Well shit!!!