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Cellulite - What Is It?


I'm 33 and have, over the last 4 years or so, been noticing that the fat on my body has been turning from being non-descript excess "soft mass" to "cottage cheese".

In the past fat just looked like a little extra baggage or whatever around my love handles etc. But these days, it seems like the same fat deposits have taken on the extremely off-putting appearance of "cottage cheese". Especially on my ass.

Does anyone know what exactly makes cellulite look like cellulite as opposed to just plain normal bodyfat? Any tips on how to get rid of it other than just to go to as low bodyfat as possible?

The thing is I am basically a skinny guy so it is hard for me to drop bodyfat without losing all my muscle. Most people actually even consider me pretty lean. But the little fat I have is this hideous cellulite stuff and it really pisses me off.

Does the same fat as before look like cellulite now that I am in my 30s due to lower skin elasticity or what? What makes some fat look like cellulite and other fat just look like smooth bodyfat like curves on a woman etc?


A few people think it has to do with the break down connective tissues that support the skin such as collagen and that this degradation is brought about inflammatory processes such as glycation of the connective tissue and other related processes. Since your a man try getting lean first before bulking and then bulking without getting fat.


I think that might be the (or part of the) explanation.
I don't think cellulite is a medical term, more likely an invention of the cosmetic industry.
Bottom line (sic) fat is fat...



That is a good read about it. There are so many factors that could be contributing to it.

My wife started to get some on the back of her thighs - I looked it up and it's about connective tissues and all of that. From what I understand... it's caused by the fat pushing skin past how far the connective tissues can stretch.

We gave her doing leg curls a try.. and it seemed to help. My idea was that if she built her hamstrings up some... the connective tissues wouldn't be as stretched... ridding of the dimpled appearance.

Try doing things that build up your glutes. See if it helps. While I could be crazy - it makes sense to me.


Cellulite is a bitch.
I have to work hard to keep the dimples off my butt, and have had to do so since I was 18.
What I find works best is staying well hydrated, eating lots of green veggies and doing cardio. The lifting helps for sure, but it's only part of the solution. I know a few women who are below 15% bf who still have it, and they are both probably stronger than you ( :


Let me guess. They squat 400, bench 300, and deadlift 500?

And btw: I was never talking about myself. I was talking about my wife and what we (together) decided to try as a solution. I feel a lil offended...


Take it easy, didn't you see the smiley face? No need to be hostile.
FTR, 335, 180ish and over 350, can't recall at the moment, at 60kg.
I know you weren't talking about yourself. I've worked with women a lot, and I know it's an issue, my advice was meant for your wife. My point is, that no matter how much muscle one carries, cellulite can still be an issue, usually more so for women.


it's nothing other than fat with thick strands of connective tissue