Cellulite Question

My sister asked me a slightly intresting question today:
Why do women typically have cellulite, and men don’t?

I know that women are physiologically predisposed to carry more fat than man for pregnancy and other natural reasons, but why would they have those cellulite deposits and men hardly, if ever, do?

I think the men actually have them too. The one problem being that you cannot see them as well due to the hair. Trust me, i’ve seen tons of fat ass men that have the deposits you can visually see.

I saw a documentary on TV once explaining this. Now bear with me as I try to relay what I saw. They showed basic “diagrams” of muscle tissue, fat/water, skin & the “connecting fibres” holding it together. Bear in mind we’re generalizing male/female, not everyone is necessarily typical.

We all know women carry more bodyfat than men but this explanation compounded this even more. Picture the connecting fibres/threads as toothpicks all lined up like little soldiers, side by side (this being female). Now the toothpicks dumped & mixed up, they’re all criss-crossed, haphazzard & more condensed (this being male). So what they explained is these threads/fibres can come loose so with several no longer connecting everything together it can create an open pocket for fat/water to accumulate and this is your cellulite “bump” whereas with males (in general) the threads being criss-crossed plus closer together there is always one next to it to hold it together. So with the female carrying more fat its a double whammy.

Did that sound like an archaic grade 3 explanation? When I saw it, it made sense.

As well, they went on to say that no cream no matter how expensive, how pretty it smells or how nice of a container it comes in will penetrate the many skin layers, get in there & repair these “threads”. You can reduce the amount of fat (and some of it is water & toxins) in these pockets but thats about it. I think what some of these creams actually can do is “plump up” the skin a bit creating a bit of an illusion of smoothness, much like Preparation H.

I believe women carry the fat closer to their skin so it’s easier to see and that’s why it looks like cottage cheese.