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Cellulite, Jumping Rope, etc.

OK T-Men and Vixens … my sister-in-law just turned 38 … she has a very low fat percentage (can you say 6 pack)? But constantly complains about her legs and cellulite. Her personal trainers have her doing all the wrong stuff, so step one is to get her to stop going there. But she’s looking for the right workout to then down her legs (she’s an “A” body type) and lose the cellulite. I told her to go heavy on the legs (3-4 reps) which will decrease her muscle mass, but not lose strength. Any ideas? She also wants to jump rope, do cardio only if she has to, etc. I told her I’d ask here for everyone’s feedback. Thanks! Oh, and to note, I’m certain her diet isn’t up to par, but like I said, she’s got low fat percentage.

Unfortunately,you cannot spot reduce and it sounds like that is where she stores her fat which is the natural place for a female. Have her do a 7 site caliper test to see what her true % is as a baseline. Show her the diet manifesto, diet is half the battle.

Has she got a lot of muscle mass in her legs? Is she fairly muscular in general (this will increase her metabolism) T2 and MD6 will help. For cardio have her do sprints (check out TC’s 50 yd dash article) and interval training. Long distance running will thin out her legs, but may not get the fat off them. Sounds like she is going to have to drop her overall bf to get the legs.

When I first started out I had the same problem, the fat in my breasts dissapeared before my legs,(which were on the small side but had fat on them) and butt, were affected much.I have a constant 6pk and low bf with a round booty (can you say fat storage) but guess what, went I carbed back up , my breasts got fuller before my legs! so after a few painful cycles, my legs were alright and got more muscular too. At this point, I am doing more of a powerlifting routine than BB, with T2 and MD6 and it seems to be working. Stronger but not bigger or fatter. Good Luck!

Just to add something to what agirl said…most of the time for a female the lower body fat responds much better to a lower carb type diet then a low calorie diet. Also the addition of Yohimbe such as that contained in MD6 may help.

We are all aware of male and female fat pattern distribution (ie men in the waist and women in the hips glutes and thighs) These are the stubborn areas of fat distribution and have a high density of alpha receptors. Ephedrine being a non-specific beta 2 agonist also has some stimulatory activity at the alpha-2 receptor. the problem is that stimulating these receptors will decrease blood flow and promote fat. These alpha-2 receptors inhibit fat loss. As Kelly mentioned yohimbe is a good addition since it is an antagonist to these receptors. One thing to note is that the fat mobilizing effects of yohimbe have been shown to be negated when taken with/or after ones meal since it has a tendency to increase insulin secretion. This being said I have had good success with males and females taking yohimbe after an overnight fast with the addition of caffeine 30 mins or so prior to cardio and then waiting short period of time after cardio for the first meal which would be protein and fat. The research points to 0.2mg/kg as being the optimal dosage.

Thanks A Girl and Kelly … yeah, I was thinking the powerlifting way to go for her too. If I had to describe her upper body, I would compare it to Linda Hamilton’s, you know, the muscular waif. I’m definitely going to have her look at the keto diets in Diet Manifesto … I’m only familiar with the weight gainers. I will also check out TC’s 50-yard dash article too. Do you think jumping rope in intervals would be good too?

Thunder, very good advice. Thanks so much!!! I’ll have her try it … or, suggest she try it! LOL

Your sister may be attempting to cut the toughest fat of all. Our body’s carry two forms of fat. The stomach area on men and the but and thys on women consist of a harder to melt form of body fat. This is the fat that helped the cave people to survive. Now if your sisters diet is perfect, with low carbs such as a ketogenic diet or she is the cardio queen and still can’t lose the fat, there is one other alternative.
This is lipo suction. A friend of our family was the work out cardio queen and she ate a zone diet and was in great shape, but she had fat on her rear that wouldn’t leave so she had it removed. Once gone it won’t come back as long as she stays on her same program.
It works at 44 I decided to have the last 10 lbs of stubborn body fat sucked off. I went to my friends surgeon and for 4 grand my problem of the spare tire is gone. Keep in mind this stuff only works after all other efforts do not produce results. The healing process is about 4 months. So all my routines for working out were cut 2/3rds and I worked back. It gave me new motivation to keep on a strict diet. Peace