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Cellular Nucleonic Advantage (CNA)

In issue #295, Doug Kalman wrote about a place called Cellular Nucleonic Advantage. He explains that if you fill out a couple questionaires and send in blood work, that you may qualify for legit prescriptions for a whole array of gear. (see article here --> http://t-mag.com/nation_articles/295alt.jsp )
Has anyone on here tried calling this place? If you’ve called, post your experience here.

Called both numbers he gave and both were bogus. One was disconnected and one was some insurance lady in Michigan that was a total bitch(she probably had a bunch of calls after that article. I e-mailed the author and he didn’t know what was up either.

I got the same.

Did anyone ever try CNA’s services? If so, what’s your feedback?
I notice that they have a webpage now. The phone numbers are different than those listed a year ago (in Kalman’s Alternative Pharmacist article).


It looks expensive (compared to underground). It’s $465 just for all the workups, but $425 will be refunded if they reject you. After you are accepted, then they write up your therapies THEN you have to buy in to whatever they prescribe and only buy it from them.

It sounds like a good way to get around the legality of steroids since there’s a legit doctor prescribing for legit purposes. The scary part is parting with the initial $465+++ before you find out of you will really get any gear.

Here’s the link

It’s kinda like a MAC, they make it simple and expensive, but not very tweakable (for those computer geeks out there)