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Cellular Nucleonic Advantage (CNA)

I tried to call CNA from the News and Mail article this week and apparently the wrong number is listed. Does anyone have the correct number? I am interested in learning more about this.


They have a mailing address of:

1721 Merlin Street Bay City, Tx 77414

and phone numbers of:
1-866-245-0101 /1-877-211-0101

Doug Kalman

FYI, the 866 number does not work, and the 877 number is for “Remax Douglass”. The lady at Remax Douglass seems to get really annoyed when you say you are looking for CNA! LOL

I guess snail mail will have to do.

That is weird, I met with the folk and have their paperwork here. On their masthead, the numbers listed above are valid.

Time to do a white pages or 411 scrawl on them.

The 1-866 phone number is no longer in service. It is quite possible that since the time I interviewed the owners and met with them, that they were shut down. I will follow-up.

In the meantime, use their mailing address for correspondence, it is your best bet.

None of the numbers work. They’re probably shut dwon. Bump to that lady from Remax being a total bitch!