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What's the word on this product? Is it as effective as all the adds claim or is it just as good as anything else but with a jacked up price? Is there a different brand that you have found to work better?

Thanks guys!


I used it for three months, helped at first but my strength increased after I stopped taking it. I don't think it is a good product. Any more questions about it just pm me.



It's just CEE with some carbs and glutamine thrown in. No big deal.


Thanks guys.

It's not for me, it's for a coworker who thinks the biggest part of bodybuilding is the expensive supplements he uses. I'm trying to convince him otherwise. To begin with, his diet is shit and he lifts with old Arnold/every set to failure type protocols.


They seem to market it as a post workout product. After checking out the ingredients, I think your friend would be better off using Surge with some creatine mixed in it.

I didn't see anything listed that bothers me overall, but I don't have a high opinion of the company that markets it. They have another product that contains two things found to be dangerous. Mr. Barr pointed out one originally, then recently noticed it actually contained two things.



can you expand on point me to the article/post?
I have a friend who uses NO-Explode, and I think that might be what you're talking about.


Sure. The first link is to the article. The second link is to another thread where someone pointed out about the two ingredients found in that product. Then it is followed by Mr. Barr's response to the guy pointing out where he originally pointed out one thing when in fact there are two harmful ingredients.



"Bloody hell! I didn't even see that this product contains not just one of the harmful compounds, but BOTH.

Nice catch!

BTW-Why don't people look at what they're putting into their bodies? Seriously."


thanks man