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Cell Reception Cut In San Francisco To Hinder Protest


Mixed feelings. Understandably you're not supposed

Which they were choosing to do, but I believe this is also to get/create (more) attention for their cause.
It's the tactic of shutting off the reception that I disagree with. Seems very totalitarian. Obviously it would not only affect the protestors but also people who are uninvolved in the demonstration.

Any thoughts or more informed input?


No mixed feelings at all this is very scary that the government thinks it can get away with this and that it's citizens think it's ok. Now that this has been done once who's to say when and how they can choose to do it again? Are you ok with this regardless of party? Or only if your party is the one disrupting a private companies services?


I wish someone would disrupt my wife and kids use of cell phones they drive me crazy they're never without them.


It's a good thing they're never without them you never know when you might actually need it in an emergency


Yeah, that's why I have one, for an emergency. But my family seems to think that unless they're texting to their friends 24/7 that they're missing out on something---especially the kids.

How can I disrupt their service without them knowing?



There are parental controls for all the major carriers, limiting text limiting the numbers and when one can call etc, that is very different from a government agency deciding they are going to stop my service just in case there is a riot. Funny thing is The Watts riots and the Rodney King riots didn't need cell phones


Yeah, I have to look into that. Thanks for reminding me.


BART authorities should be arresting protesters when they actually break the law.

This kind of crap should be completely unacceptable, but not something that surprises me, particularly given the city where it occurred.


United States of China


Minority Report we know what's good for you just deal. This type of shit is a reason to riot


Fuck San Fran

Fucking hippie tree-hugging fools up there. They love Pelosi up there, that should say it all.


if you have verizon it is 4.99 a month and you can do quite a bit with it. no calls o text at certain times, from certain people.

but I am curious, did the companies go along with them or was it performed without the providers involvement?


So manipulation of 2 services, electricity and telecomm. The providers should file a suite and formal somplaint with the FCC against BART.


On one hand if BART were a privately owned entity protesters would never be allowed on private property to do this but on the other hand if it were privately owned this wouldn't be an issue in the first place.


As well as seeking criminal charges agaisnt the BART employees who decided to pull the switches


I think you neglected to mention the impetus for the demonstration. Apparently, BART officers have detained AND THEN shot civilians in the past. A man was killed a little over a month ago, witnesses say excessive force was used.

So, not exactly a march against austerity measures or anything.


Honestly it shouldn't matter you can't stop a crime before it is committed if there where people who where going to riot and they organized via cell phone, why should my cell be hampered?


I didn't neglect anything. I would have to have prior knowledge of those events, which I don't.


Seems the US has more than just this capability. Looks like they can shut off all social media on a whim as well.


It's frightening. The government should not ever, ever disrupt a protest before it starts.

The iron heel grows bolder...