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Cell Phones/Laptops Linked to Cancer?


I recently read an article about how some real, long-term studies have come out linking cell phone use to brain cancer. Is this a real concern? Also, are laptops in the same boat? Thanks.


Radio waves cause cancer....ya


Is this the article that you're referring to?



The studies I've read are basically a statistical analysis. I've not seen any that used lab rats of some sort for physical tests.

That having been said, there are numerous studies that link Electro Magnetic Fields to cancer. This would include: microwave ovens, electric razors/hair dryers, cell phones and living under high tension power lines.

There was at least one study that showed cell phones are not linked to cancer. It was funded by some part of the cell phone industry - interpret that however you wish.


life is linked to death

whoda thunk?


Haha, that's awesome. Next time one of my friends brings something up like this, I will have a great response.


Please don't, because it's retarded. Obviously we will all die eventually, but I'd rather stave that off for as long as possible and, ideally, retain all my mental and physical faculties in the process. That would be hard to do if I got brain cancer in the next five years from using a cellphone.


iirc they left a cell phone on next to a pitri dish of cells. And the cells mutated. IMO they are probably about as bad as cooking food in microwaves. Except we have people who are on them all day, they MIGHT have problems.

my $0.02


Here is the article:

Pretty scary, right? But the WHO and American Cancer Society says otherwise. I guess you have to look at the facts and decide for yourself objectively. I, for one, am going to be limiting and altering my current use of my cell.


Shit, what doesn't cause cancer nowadays?

If it's not my cell phone, it's my hamburger. If it's not my hamburger, it's my water bottles. If it's not my water bottles, it's my laptop.

Fuck it, no sense running from the Reaper. As Big Tobacco sang in in South Park's episode Butt Out: [i]And if it gives me cancer when I'm 80, I don't care - who the hell wants to be 90, anyway?"


Well then just talk on your cell while eating a hamburger, washing it down with bottled water, while posting on T-Nation.

It will all balance out and you'll be fine.


Haha, for some reason that reminded me of this Simpsons episode:


The answer isn't meant to be serious. I'm guessing that you missed that part.


"Hysterical pregnancy??!"

"I uh a little bit yes."

Thanks for reminding me how great The Simpsons was...and how far downhill it's gone since then. Thanks a lot.


They probably do, but as long as Big Wireless funds studies nothing will be conclusive.

I know that I get weird headaches from using my cell phone, along with pain/tingling in the ear that I listen with.


I had a physics prof tell me once that these studies are mostly BS because they are done on 20 gram mice at ultra high levels of radiation - not normal circumstances at all.


Too true. That's a great clip though.

"So, what you're saying is, 'I'm indestructible'."

"Oh, no no. In fact, even a slight breeze..."



Like the study on Rhesus monkeys and how they'd react to Marijuana?