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Im finally giving in and getting a cell phone im in boston ma, and thinking about a t-mobile serviced phone, any feedback good or bad??

T-Mobile is pretty cool because of the three day weekend plans. I know someone who has that service, and she’s pretty happy with it. Although she lives in San Francisco. I dunno what it’s like in Boston. I have AT&T and I’m pretty happy with it. I got the Sony Ericson T616 phone, and it’s very user friendly. The batary life on it is like 8 days, or 8 hours of talk time.

I have t-mobile in Cali. I get 3000 anytime minutes, free long distance and unlimitted text messages for $60/month. The only complaint I have is that I have yet to receive a bill that is under $90 and I am no where near my limit on minutes. So, just pay close attention to your bill they try to throw in a lot of bs charges.

I work at a company that makes software for cell phones and so I am surrounded with a multitude of handsets from all the carriers on a daily basis.

T-Mobile is not bad but there are probably better options. One thing to keep in mind is that the T-Mobile calling area is relatively small. This may or may not be an issue if you only plan on using your phone in the Boston area. If you travel however, you may want to look at a carrier with a larger network. Another thing to keep in mind is that Cingular and T-Mobile share the same network so you may want to check Cingular plans as well. I would certainly go with T-Mobile over Nextel or even Sprint and possibly over AT&T (AT&T often has good local plans). The best choice would probably be Verizon as they have the largest network and from my work related experience no one really complains about either their handsets or their coverage area. If you have a nation-wide plan then you will be in their coverage area virtually anywhere you go.

A great place to compare (and buy) is from www.lowermybills.com. They can sometimes give you better deals than walking into the local store. For example, many of the great deals advertised on TV and radio are only good when you sign up or two years. Lowermybills.com often gives good deals on only a one year plan which allows you to easily upgrade handsets in a year because the carrier will be calling and offering a new handset if you stay. Furthermore, having only a one-year deal is good if you do not like the carrier you end up choosing.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

I have Verizon, formerly a Cingular customer. I like it alot. I pay right around $60 a month after taxes for 400 anytime minutes, unlmited nights and weekends (includes long distance) and web browsing/text messaging/e-mail. I have an LG VX6000 phone, awesome camera phone. I’d have to say their reception is rock solid, although I never had problems with Cingular.

I did try Sprint PCS for about 3 weeks, took the phones back and cancelled the service. HORRIBLE reception. 1 bar maybe. I’d avoid them like the plague.

i still dont have a cd player.

if you are in the northeast stick w/ Verizon Wireless screw T-mobile, and Cingular. Verizon has the best service in the area. Other cell phn company feed off of verizon’s cell towers. Remember the black-out in the summertime in NYC? And the east coast the only cell phn that was working was Verizon Wireless. My friend just switch from T-mobile to Verizon. The only reason he was w/ T-moblie was he was a gagetman and loved diffrent gagets. And I’ll give T-moblie that the cell phn’s the provide are neat. Verizon, usually just deals w/ your basic phone. No fancy add ons.

Whatever you do stay away from cingular(they are the worst).

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Sprint PCS has the funniest commercials. That’s enough for me.

it depends on where you are. verizon’s saturation in ny is what kept sevice up, but sucks everywhere else. i had them and the northeast plan (maine to virginia). i was on a trip to maine, when i returned to ct and crossed the border, buzz. it was sunday and just recieved notification at that moment that i had voice mail (some urgent) dating back to tuesday morning. customer service, who was very nasty, claimed that such a thing is not supposed to happen with the plan i had. the cingular users who were also from ct(which i am happily one now, better reception in my area) had no problem with reception or services. go to sites that review cellular service and see what is good in your area.

Sprint PCS.

Verizon is misleading. They have the largest network, but that includes digital and analogue service.

Sprint PCS is the largest digital service provider.

Who the hell really uses analogue? So don’t buy into Verizon’s gimmick that they have better or more coverage. Their digital network is smaller.

I’ve been with sprint for 3+ years. I’m getting a sweet deal.

Most providers are similar in price, services and phones. You have to find what fits your calling habits the best.

I thought about switching to verizon, but realized that Sprint PCS is much better, and the deal they are giving me is too good to pass up.

My girlfriend has T-mobile and she is “somewhat satisfied” with it. She had sprint in the past and would rather have sprint now.

Go with what you know.

Infinity, the only real problem I had with the LG phone (ex-gf has one) is that it scared the shit out of me every time it went off. That thing is loud.

Whatever you do, stay away from Cingular.

From what I hear, Verizon gets the best coverage/signal. However, crappy customer service. Of course, if there is less reason to call them, then it might not matter…

Forgot to add that I am a Sprint PCS user. It’s not bad, although there are a lot of spots with shoddy coverage - especially downtown or out of town (which leaves the suburbs, for those keeping track). I’m just too lazy to switch, and I don’t want to sign a long-term contract.

Thanks everyone, seems like everytime i have a question on anything, TMAG gets me an answer. PG

Can you hear me now…

I had a bad experience with T-mobile. Now I have Verizon and no problems at all, but I’m in the NYC area.

I forgot one thing Peter. How are Stu and Chistobell and the rest of the Griffins?

I think Verizon is the only way to go. I haven’t had experience with T-Mobile, but I have never seen a company with reception even close to Verizon.