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If I hear another cellphone ring while lifting I am going to crush it. Why does someone feel the need to bring it to the gym. Can’t they be seperated from it for an hour or so. Good grief. Trying to do squats and this freakin phone rings full blast. Talk about screwing up my concentration. Then it happens again. Same guy that does shoulder shrugs everyday in the gym then sits down and trys to pick up the ladies. So I say Dude, do you need to bring that in here and he just looks at me. WTF

It’s always the same people who aren’t really working out to begin with. Unless you’re a doctor or something of that sort, you have no business with a phone in the gym; you’re there to workout. Right? Maybe not. Also people talking on the phone get in the way without realizing. The gym should be added to the list of impolite places for phone use along with restaurants, theaters, etc.

Damn, you must workout at the same gym I do. Some lady had her dumb f’n phone on full lame ring (some stupid old song) and lets it ring for like 3 times before digging it out of her workout fleece (fleece?). Then answers it with a mucky muck “this is karen”. Then she leaves her 3 sets of dumbbells next to the incline bench for 10 minutes while carries on her conversation.

Funny thing today at the gym.

One trainer talked on his cell phone for about 5 minutes while training a client.

Another trainer I saw lounging on any near piece of equipment while his client was exercising.

I think I am going to make a sign and hang them on the workout doors. That is the most annoying thing. Do people think they look cool or something?

The strangest thing I saw at the gym was a woman hanging backwards off the hyperextension machine (in a supine position) and talking on her cell phone. Then she switched to her side and performed an oblique set, all the while talking on her cell. Then there’s the guy I call “Cell Phone Guy” because he always seems to be on the phone while he’s training. How can these people focus on their training if they’re gabbing on the phone all the time?

I have enough to deal with in just getting through my leg days without vomiting; I can’t imagine adding the phone to that equation. It would be like juggling while on a unicycle. Of course the cell phone users remove that pesky “training thing” from the equation.

Machine where do you work-out at?

That trainer that was on the cell phone should be fired! Thats rude and highly unprofessional.

I am suprised the client didn’t mention anything to the program director or managment at the health club. I know I would. People pay good money for training.

I would at least expect quality service.

Here it sounds like you probably get both crappy service and crappy training.

Here’s a good way to get rid of the cell phones in your gym:

  1. Bring in some grape juice along with your Surge. When a cell phone rings (if it does) wait for a few minutes, then “accidently” spill your juice all over the phone.

  2. Apologize profusely.

  3. During your apology, make sure to say, “Wow, imagine if that had been a weight that got dropped on your phone! That would have really sucked!”

  4. Make sure to say this is a very friendly voice.

  5. When the person looks at you to see if you’re kidding or not, grin at least half-again as widely as you normally do, and widen your eyes a bit at the same time.

  6. The problem should go away.

Iscariot, re your point about democracy maybe not being what the Iraquis want, and us forcing it down their throats.

Good point. However, the cool thing about democracy is that it can be voted out of office.

So if the Iraquis really wanted a king, a dictator or whatever other form of government they think would be better than democracy, they could vote for it. And so long as the election wasn’t rigged in some way, no one would say a word. Not even Bush.

See, this is why America promotes democracy. It’s because it gives you the most choice of any really viable form of government. From democracy, you can go in any political direction that you like. But it’s interesting to note that in the two or three centuries that modern democracies have been in place, no country (at least that I’m aware of) has exercised its power to vote in some other form of government that it thought was better.

So if you’re going to claim that the Iraquis - or anyone else for that matter - don’t really want democracy, I say, “Let’s wait and see”. 'Cause the record everywhere else is pretty clear.

Well…I try to ignore all those losers on the cell phone. At least, I tell myself this:

“More of you out there, better I look (relatively).” :smiley:

But I do AGREE. I hate it when some fat idiot sits on the only available bench or whatever and yaps forever on the phone. I give them a very evil look.

If you are on a heavy leg day or an olymipic day the answer to cell phone users and loud socializers is simple; exagerate your grunts and screams. I swear it works like none other. People get awkwardly silent and look at you and the weight you are doing wondering why the hell someone is actually “working”. Ah, the joys of being different.

  1. Everyone and their grandmother now owns a cell phone.

  2. Cell phones no longer make u look cool…If anything, u look like a pretentious ass-wipe, walking around with it surgically attatched to your ear.

  3. People who obnoxiously yak on their cell phones at a gym, restaurant, or movie theater ought to be tarred and feathered.

Stella - If someone is sitting on the only available bench not working out and just talking on a phone, an evil look is not sufficient. I would go over there and tell them that I need the bench they are sitting on. If that didn’t work, I would repeat the statement, this time WITH the evil look.

to go along w/ the hyperextension bit-
guy sits cell on wt stack while doing tricep pressdowns. phone rings, he answers and continues set. convo ends, he sits phone back on stack and continues set.

guy headset phone attachment on during entire workout, just yappin away…


What can I say? I’m too nice! :wink:

But I do agree w/ the rest of the T-gang about people w/ their cell phone. It’s no longer COOL to have one cuz everyone has it. Actually I consider it a curse cuz now every mgr/coworker can get a hold of me adn ask me to do things for them. sigh

BTW – unless the cell phone’s made of solid gold and can bench 500 lbs, it’s not cool enough for the gym!

When I it the gym the misses and I we throw the kids in the nursery. Then proceed to lift Massive Weights. I have two free hours with no interuptions. Why the hell would I bring in my cell. That is my time to do what I like to do. And how can ya get concentrate at the task at hand(gettin big) w/ your freaking cell ringing and talking on it. LOSERS go home.

The only excuse is if you are on-call for your job. And even then I would be embarassed to have to bring one in.

Sometimes the fat, lazy, weak-minded masses get very tiresome. Maybe we should have pity. Maybe we should rule them.

Sorry about that errant post above… It was obviously intended for another thread.


Yes these people are ass-wipes, but why would a phone ringing distract you? If I am focusing, a bomb could go off and I wouldn’t notice.