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Cell Phone Services? Fido

Sorry guys but I need to vent a little. I purchase a Motorola phone 2 years ago with a 2-year contract with Fido (Canadian cell phone service). Last month, I was due for a phone upgrade, so I ordered the Motorola RAZR black for 50$. It?s a nice and sleek phone. However, the phone was defective, there was a permanent white noise when opening the phone?s flap. So I returned in and ordered the Nokia 6020 phone (free). Again, when making a phone call, you can hear a white noise buzzing sound. So I call them up today to re-send this phone and try ordering a new phone. So they tell me, since I past my 15 days limit with the phone, now that I am screwed with this phone for the next 2 years!!!

So I threaten to changed my plane from a 50$ to 20$ a month and they agreed! So in return, I cancelled my whole package!!! All this because they didn?t want to re-take the free cell phone so I ordered to get something I liked for 50$!!! Does this make sense to anybody!!! God, I spent over 60 mins on the phone today!! I?m totally flabbergasted!!

i have a much worse problem, i dont want to get into it. Cell phone providers, especially rogers, fuck you around alot.

hey im with fido i thought u couldnt use the razr with it, u liek ahveta get it unlocked or something

Cell phone companies, in general, suck.

Fido is owned by Rogers, which would explain the problem.

I have had the worst customer service in my life with Rogers. I won’t even go into the problems I had with them, just to say that it almost seems like they don’t want customers.

Switch to a different company, save yourself some grief.

If I learned anything in the year I was with rogers, it was that they will screw you again and again.