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cell phone in the gym....ahh

My dad got in a fight with some guy while we were watching Episode I.

It was so weird, my mother was between us. And this guy on the other side of my dad gets a phone call and starts talking, and you can hear the people around us groaning. Then my father, who is a master of diplomacy, says “turn off your fucking phone”.

So suddenly there is this commotion and I finally realize this guy is punching my dad in the head with his phone. By the time I can push my mother out of the way and get over there, my father (6’3", 300 lbs, former Marine Force Recon, Judo black belt) had already picked the guy up and threw him into the next row. Not only that, he did it while seated!

So the guy (who is pretty big himself) gets up and runs away, and these two off duty cops who were sitting behind us run after the guy to try to catch him but he was already gone.

I guess the moral is, don’t talk on your cell phone in a movie when there is a big badass sitting next to you :slight_smile:

These stories, folks, are why I work out at home. No one complains when I curl in the power rack! HAHAHAHA.

That’s pretty amusing, Tim.

Random rumination:

What’s the deal with curling in a squat rack? Is it so difficult to deadlift the weight one curls? 100 lbs, anyone?


The advent of “hands free” devices for phones have brought on a whole new range of hilarity in the gym.

Be it the the chick trying to steady her HF chord while on the treadmill or the dude wearing the headset while he does hacksquats, one can’t help but snicker at these goofballs.

I saw a dude a while back who was sitting on a bench kind of bent over a couple of DB’s. From my angle it appeared that he was psyching himself up for the lift. He was talking to himself - or to the weights. I wasn’t sure nor was I alarmed because I too have been known to try and “punk out the iron” through a growly onslaught of verbal insults. But then this guy started laughing his ass off. I’m not talking about a chuckle, I’m talking full on, rocking back and forth bellowing laugh.

All I could think is “Man this motherfucker is psychotic… You go dude…! Lift them fucking bells!” Hell it even pumped me up for a second.

But only for a second… Because as it turned out, he was using a HF attachment that looked like regular earphones from a distance. Apparently, the person he was talking to said something hilarious.