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cell phone in the gym....ahh

I?ve seen it all now. Arm curls in the squat rack, crunches in the squat rack this is nothing compared to what I saw. Yesterday at the gym I saw this dude doing dumb bell preacher curls in one hand, and in the other hand HE WAS TALKING ON HIS CELL PHONE. What?s next; will there be lounge chairs and sofas around the weights, or a Starbucks in the corner?? Well I?m just kidding but I just shook my head and finished my dead lifts. Anyway I know this kind of topic has been up before but let?s hear your funny, weird, sad? gym stories.


Reminds me of a funny story. Some woman at my gym was doing the exact same thing-except she was crying her eyes out into the phone because she had just had a fight with her boyfriend. She’d do reps of concentration curls in between sobs. It was pathetic, but absolutely hilarious!

What is the world coming to?

There is nothing more in this world that pissed me off when I have to wait for a rack while some fuck does curls in it.

Once this guy was using the rack and a bench for ab crunches!! Or people will do crucnhes on the bench press cushion??

What was the Reebok Office Linebacker’s name? Terry Tate? Every gym needs one of those for this kind of situation.

now thats dedication. haha.

Our gym outlawed cell phones due to cardiac monitoring equipment being used in the cardiac rehab section. but…some dude had his laptop balanced on the top of the recumbant bike.
Last week I did have to kick some guy out of the power rack for curling…didn’t think I would ever see it. I asked for his email address so I could send him that video clip of what happens when you curl in the rack.

I just happened to go back to that Terry Tate website recently. Check it out if you havent. It is at reebok.com. Funny Stuff! Its weird though - when I blindsided that guy doing curls in the rack, then stood over him screaming “you know you cant bring that s… in here, baby!” no one else laughed.

grr i love my cell phone. i don’t see why people have to use them in the gym and in movie theaters. last week, during X2 some guy picked up his phone, made a call and said “YO MAN! THIS MOVIE IS OFF THE HOOK!!!”

I saw a 300 pound chick get off a treadmill one time and immediately start eating a glazed donut. I was just dumbfounded. I don’t know where she got it, she must have had it in her pocket or something. I’ll never forget that.

I see this guy every week using the assisted dip/chin machine and he puts almost his entire body weight worth of weight on the assist and hangs in a completed chin position (chin over the bar), keeps his upper body perfectly still, wears gloves BTW and proceeds to use the very tip of his knees to push the pad down and it comes up so fast it almost knocks him off and he holds on for dear life and manages to do do about 100 reps of whatever it is he’s doing. It’s incredible. Utterly incredible to see and he grunts and groans as he tries to keep his entire body perfectly still, no movement whatsoever except his knees which bump the weight down every time it comes back up.

“I saw a 300 pound chick get off a treadmill one time and immediately start eating a glazed donut. I was just dumbfounded. I don’t know where she got it, she must have had it in her pocket or something.”

Maybe she stored it in a roll of fat. Just think about that one for a minute-- marbled rolls-- let the visual sink in… Muahaha

Okay, this was the worst I have seen. Not cell phone related, but ridiculous none the less.
This woman was doing skull crushers on a flat bench behind me. She had done a few sets and walked away for a minute to get a drink. All her stuff was still around the bench, so it was obvious she was coming back. This guy comes over and starts moving her stuff. I am thinking, “Hmmm, this is could be interesting.” She comes back and speaks to him and he moves back about a foot from the bench. ( I don’t know what was said since I have my headphones on.) The guy stands there holding his lifting belt, magazine, towel, etc. as he hoovers over her. I am thinking, “It’s a huge gym, WTF?” She knocks out two more sets, cleans up and leaves. He sets his towel, belt, magazine, etc. ON THE BENCH and proceeds to do sets of standing DB curls BEHIND it! He wanted the bench just to set his stuff on it! Ridiculous. Herc

This morning, dude in my gym is curling in the power cage. Bad enough. Except, he’s just curling the bar. Even worse: he made sure he had his straps fully wrapped around that heavy ol’ 45 lbs. Oh, and his form sucked.

This one time, this guy was in the gym, right…and he was doing bench press.


hey Joel, you must be the one on the cell

Dont even get me started about movies…Once this two women proceeded to have an entire debate about clothing while me and a girl where watching a movie…They were so loud they had to think they were back at home for a minute. They weren’t even watching the movie… (I’m thinking why did they even pay for the movie? Why waste it?)

And one time, this old ladt started beating the shit out of these kids that were talking on the phone at the movies…Funny shit

Hold on…my cell is ringing…

We’ve got this guy that monopolizes the only lat pulldown machine to do serratus crunches. He kneels on the seat with his legs under the knee brace and using the wide grip lat pulldown bar, he moves forward and pushes himself up with it, very similar to the FUCKING PINWHEELS THAT ARE ABOUT 10 FUCKING FEET AWAY FROM HIM AT THE TIME. He’ll even request to work in when you are training with a partner. Nothing like dragging the intensity level of your workout down for someone to use equipment for something its not designed for WHEN THERE IS A SPECIFIC DEVICE TO DO THAT VERY THING 10 FEET AWAY.

Occasionally I’ll run into some guys doing cable crossovers on the Freemotion machine; with 25 lbs, chatting both in between and DURING their 8-10 sets.




I’m a voracious reader, and I read a wide variety of stuff - have for many years - so I can’t remember where I read this, but here’s a supposedly true story:

Doctor gets this huge, morbidly obese woman patient that comes to him because her body is really starting to stink. She’s one of those who is so fat that her skin hangs off her in rolls. Anyway, he tracks the stink down to a specific site, lifts up the roll, and lo and behold - it’s a friggin’ rotten SANDWICH! Apparently she sometimes would put stuff in her fat folds as a way to carry things around.

Why she didn’t find it I don’t know. Too many fat folds or something.

Sorry for wrecking this thread with that disturbing story.

there was this one guy who said the musice was to loud at the gym. So he took his cell went into a hidden corner and called the ‘girls only’ side to complain while he was still working out.

I saw something hilarious a few weeks ago.

A “personal trainer” (I put this in quotes because if you saw the girl you wouldn’t know who was training whom), and the person being trained decided to do ski squats with the swiss ball behind their back. Rather than using any one of the four brick walls in the weight room, they decided to use these 2 wooden doors in one of the corners (the kind that link together to close shut). Well 2 or 3 reps in these doors couldn’t support them (you’d understand why if I had a picture), and the doors busted open. Down they went with feet in the air and a loud THUD!

60 ft minimum of brick wall…they chose 4 feet of wood to exercise with?