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Cell Phone Avatar Pics - Kinda Gay


Can we put a moratorium on this? Seriously, enough is enough.


im down, its not that hard to get a digital cam and put the self timer on.


<---------- kinda gay?


Difficult to tell without seeing more...


How about we just get rid of all of the people with no pictures at all who like to give advice in the bodybuilding forums?

I would rather someone had a cell phone picture up as they tell 17 year olds how to lift than people with no proof that they have ever seen the inside of a gym.


Empty hubs, talking shit about members with public progress?

Kinda gay...

Enough is enough


kinda hot!


I'm keeping mine.


I dunno RSGZ, it's kinda gay .. same to you Kerley ... all of us should just have Mascherano's just to be on the safe side ...

Anyways, op you posted 19 times in a year and a half ... how this bothers you is beyond me .... how much time do you actually spend on this site? If it's a lot why don't you post more? Also, what are you previous 18 posts like if you wasted your 19th with this gem of a revalation...


when i posted in this thread i completely forgot my avatar was taken with my mobile phone..FML


Sometimes it's ok to be g....... wait, what?


From 2 guys that don't even have avatars or pictures in their hub.


The weird thing with yours is that you just took a pic of yourself, with no flexing in a T-shirt or wife beater. It seemed like you sort of missed the point.


Especailly wearing tubs of protein on your head.


YuP tOtAlLy AgReE!! Soooooooo gay!


so my avatar is deemed acceptable?


I wanted to say something sooner but thought it would be better coming from an older member and was sure someone would point this out. Good work polo.


Oh yeah, it's fine, I just thought that most people with the pic with the cell phone in the hand are flexing or whatnot. No big deal.

<----- That's me in my avatar for real.


I fucking KNEW you were Nada ... I mean shit you sound just like him in your videos


yeah because i have lots to flex LOL