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Celine Dion...

What is up with the music at the gym these days? Normally my gym (WHC) plays good heavy music while I am lifiting. But yesterday I found myself Deadlifing to Celine Dion. Nothings gonna get you more pumped then hearing that ;). Ya I set a PB in my deads but still its a little disturbing. its just as bad as my old gym where in the middle of a heavy squat the backstreet boys would come on blaring, its just wrong!

I totally agree and dont understand why people get off on that crappy,
slow gay music!!! Bring on some hard core rock or some pumpin rap!!

What is most likely happening is the front desk clerk wants some leasurely music to sit on their ass to. Thats why this phenomena happens in my GYM. Occasionally I forget my post workout nutrition and have to buy it at the GYM. One particular desk clerk (who looks as if she never took her health seriously in her life) closes the register early so she can leave as soon as the shift replacement comes. I’m sick of people like this… they need to go find a job where they are actually a benefit and not just a piece of crap sitting around… sorry for the rant, you hit a sore spot.

I agree too. My freind owns the gym and he puts decent stuff on. When he’s not there and his wife is there, even though she’s the only woman she’ll put crap on. Really pisses me off…


It’s just in response to the members’ request. Typically, they respond to those who bitch the loudest. But if your gym is trying for the best demographic to make money off of, then Celine Dion it is.

But you said you set a PR lifting to Celine Dion? Maybe they should play it more often. Also, MP3 players are a Godsend for most of us.

Yeah…I work out in a LAFitness here in Atlanta that plays crap for working out music. When I hear that stupid song…“there’s a party over here…there’
s a party of there…there’s a party over here…there’s a party over there…” it makes me want to choke the air out of the nimrod who’s singing it and then take a machine gun to the sound system there in the gym!..AAHHHHGGG!!!

My gym is very small. There is a fitness room (bikes, treadmills, couple of cable machines) and they play cheryl crow/celine dionne/elton john kinda crap. I live in a very small town in Wisconsin, so the fitness room usually has old men/ladies, and mommies who walk for three hours on the treadmills…
Then in the free weight room we always have the hard rock station on, or some of the guys who work there will put on “the best of…” some 80’s rock band.
just another reason why I don’t like cardio…

You think that is bad… I workout at LifeTime Fitness… and they have some music video channel they play (or tapes), I actually now know a number of N’Sync songs and actually find myself singing them to myself in my car!

I think it is brainwashing. Yvan eht nioj!

CB… out to buy some N’Sync CDs…

At the psu gym when I was a youngin they played the local top forty station. I once did a heavy set of squats once to Total eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. After I swore, as God is my witness I will own my equipment.
I feel for you guys. When I started training good gyms were hard to find, but the people that trained were hardcore. Either O lifters, powerlifters, or fairly serious bodybuilders, even in pa. Now that more people are into fitness, oh well you get the picture. I guess they want to keep the sheep happy. This is why alot of home garage gyms are springing up. Westside barbell is essentially a big home gym, app 800 sq ft. Invitation only.
Best solution is to start getting equipment as room an budget allows. It don’t go bad you!

That’s nothing!! The ultimate T-sapping experience for me to date happened a few weeks ago. I train at a small town gym. During a heavy deadlift session, the female day manager was playing Jennifer Lopez. Now it only gets better, the Avon lady comes into the gym (She looks strikingly similar to Mimi on the Drew Carey show). She then proceeds to sell her shit not more than five feet from where my brother and me are supposed to be attacking the heavy weight. Talk about a nut shrinker.

Well that’s nothing…at the gym I work out at the show music videos!! You guessed it all the Top 40/oldies crap with no bass or no guitars.

Rap or heavy rock/metal are realy the only alternatives not Desntiny’s Child and Sting.

And the said thing, people will stop their workouts to “watch” Shit, dont you have a a TV at home??

Fellow T-Men and T-Women,
You’ve got it all wrong! If you can deadlift to Chicago, Kool and the Gang, or Belinda Carlisle, then you are a true hardass. I see 1,000,000,000 seventeen year old, five foot seven, 140-150 pound weaklings with wife beaters on trying to look hard while listening to pantera or metallica. You know a guy is hard as hell when you can maintain 100% intensity while listening to weenie music. My goal is to be able to curl heavy in the squat rack while listening to Bach.

I go to Gold’s Gym and sometimes the music they play there is so bad it hurts my workout…how can you lift to Norah Jones?? That shit puts you to sleep. Barry White?? Get real! I mean sometimes I understand if you have a pop or rock radio station on and a slow song comes on then you just deal with the occasional bad song…but the worst is when they put on a light station or even worse a Norah Jones or Barry White CD!!! I mean HOLY SHIT! IT’S A FUCKIN GYM PEOPLE!!! They might as well shoot you up with estrogen and shove soy down your throat when you walk in to the gym…

Thats why I use my IRiver Mp3 player and crank it in w/ my work-out its nice a small and doesn’t get in the way. I wish they still sold the Sony stick MP3 player.

I workout at home, so I don’t really have this type of problem. Put on some Slayer, Pantera or Fear Factory and I can lift to my little hearts content. HOWEVER, when I am going for a personal best, I put on classical. It works, and it works well for some reason. Prolly just a quirk that I have, but it does really work.
The shitty ass music that they play at most gyms is one of the reasons that now workout at home. That and the dumbasses that stretch/curl in the squat rack.

I’ve had it with the music selections at my gym. I’m afraid the demographic is probably 30-somethings with kids so that usually means 80’s rock or modern contemporary rock. This morning it was oldies. Time for an MP3 player so I can have my Disturbed and Godsmack.