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Celiac Disease/Gluten Free

Anybody following a gluten free diet for increased muscle size? Anybody trying to build muscle living with celiac disease. If so, any recommendations or suggestions on diet?

I am not celiac, but i have ibs w/ gluten products being one of my trigger foods. Basically, you wouldnt do anything different to build muscle w/out gluten as you would with it. The only good muscle food you miss out on is oatmeal, and I’m sure you can find other good (and low glycemic index) carbs to replace it. I personally get all of my carbs from brown rice, beans and fruit. I’ve heard sweet potatoes are also a good carb source but i dont personally partake.

You can buy gluten free oats, the only reason oats have gluten is due to cross contamination with wheat. Rice still works well, quinoa works well and is made into a flour, nuts are always a good source of everything. I have some gluten free dairy free recipes or brands that make things a little easier, a good grocery store should have an entire gluten free section.

I’m not a gluten free person, but I eat like one. Oats (the regular kind though that has cross contamination), sweet potatoes, fruits, quinoa, brown rice, veggies, meats…

You should be good to go on a GF diet. Breads aren’t composition friendly anyway.