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My wife is taking Celexa for high anxiety and a little depression because of the anxiety. Well her whole persona has changed for the worse. The anxiety is gone but so is her personality. I read that sugar pills can help. Do any of you know a pharmacy that can duplicate the pill. I just want to see if it will work because I would like to have my old wife. Back.


you mean placebo effect? Also, don't fuck with her like that man. Talk to the doc and tell him where you're comin from. He might be able to prescribe something else, but don't do it on your own. You'll fuck her up worse than anything a doctor could do.


I've heard that St John's Wort is really good for anxiety with little to no side effects as it's a natural herb.
I've also posted a post in the off topic section re: anxiety to get feedback from others that have tried it.


So you're trying the 'Formula 51' spin (as in the movie of the same name)...?

Another thing, question of belief I know, but I look at placebos like magic tricks: if I do doubt of what is being offered, or it is shoved down my throat like ads, the (auto)suggestive part drops dead in its tracks.

But then again, if I do receive a placebo worthy of its name from a good source (a low profile, reserved, non-product-preaching-with-stars-in-his-eyes type), I guess I'll probably 'fall' into the autosuggestion trap too.

Best thing for me, bizarrely, is that they docs do not tell me about possible side effects, and I come back to them if something recurs.

As for the carb part, was there not a book called 'Potatoes not Prozac', which suggests that carbs can indeed influence moods and brain chemistry...to what extent they can offset drugs...I do not know (have not read the book)


Another question: What did our ancestors do before all that psychotherapy & medication came along?

Shoot themselves? Let it do its time? Go crazy? Load up on booze?

As for alcohol, a chiro here once said that, parellel to the intoxicating (oxygen sapping effect on brain cells) part, alcoholics are also searching for a quick sugar fix (liquid, goes in the blood real quick).

Another report also mentioned that smoking was also another way to 'sugar up' the brain. Go figure. I am no 'Insider' chemist...


A lot of people had problems or side effects related to celexa originally, so like most drugs...they came out with the L-isomer of it and tada fewer side effects. The L-isomer of celexa is called Lexapro. Have your wife ask her doc about it.


A friend of mine experienced the same effects you speak of. Her personality disappeared, and even though she felt better, she regrets taking Celexa. Incidentally, during the few months she was taking the drug she went completely crazy and we broke up. Now that she's off of it, she's depressed again and wants me back. Go figure. Anyway, her side effects included dry mouth, diarrhea, flatulence, daily headaches, decreased libido, acne, weight gain, sleep disturbances. Not very sexy.

In addition to the isomer that Humanator mentioned, there are other SSRI's available. I've heard good things from docs about them, but it seems like everyone I know that took them became a zombie. Maybe it's just a question of trial and error as far as which drug and dosage.

The studies I've read regarding fish oil supplementation for depression seemed promising. Plus, there are many other benefits without the above listed side effects.




Have her talk to her doctor. Some of the withdrawl from 'brain pills' can be severe. Don't screw with her head that way.

There are MANY different drugs for depression and anxiety, one may work better for her.

St. John's Wort works for mild to moderate depression - not severe.