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Celebs & the Hurricane


It's time for all these celebrities, who raised so much money and aide for the tsunami victims, to deliver the same amount of care and dollar to their home country.

I don't care if it is purely a PR stunt, they have the money and time after time are more than willing to help other cultures, religions, etc. in foreign countries.

If John Travolta can give Oprah a 700,000 dollar car, he can damn well send some serious cash to the hurricane victims.


woo hoo!!! I agree totally...I just hope to hell if happens. It seems our society has the habit of stepping on our own to help others far away. Very backwards. We'll see what happens with this one...


But they don't like this country...


why would they help N.O.? It doesnt supply the world with cheap labour...


And it does not bash George Bush in the process. If this were a disaster that they could tie to him, I'm sure they would do it for the politcal PR.


Don't worry about what the celebs and other countries are going to do. This is not the time for that. We can always make fun of them later.

I think we all need to figure out what we can do to help.

We should also think about what we can do to protect ourselves and our families should disaster strike our towns.


Theres a lot of celebs originally from NO and the Gulf Coast region. I'm sure you won't see the usual Holywood bunch running to do anything, but I can see the Jazz, Country and Southern Rock groups doing something.

NO hosts JAzzfest every year, a huge music event. The musicians will get something together.

Hell Brittney Spears is originally from the area that got slammed, N of Lake Ponchatrain. She needs to step up.


I'm not making fun of any celeb. I zm stating that they have the means and the weight to provide some serious help. I will do all I can(food, water, etc...). But I am a grad student..not a lot of cash.


Sad but true


How do you plan to help the victims of this trajedy?


I agree. Don't sit on the sidelines and call for action. Make it happen.


read above


Who said I (or anyone) was sitting on the sideline? I'm not calling on others and sitting back in comfort. I will send canned goods, water, clothes, etc..

I am calling on those with the BIIIGGG money...those making 20 million a picture....to dig deep. I make 19 thousand a year and will do all I can. So don't misread my thread.


Heh, too bad she's too busy going BROKE!


Now that the news stories of celebs contributing time and money to the disaster are comeing out...where are the idiots who posted earlier in this tread?


Glad to see they're coming out, great, cool. Even saw that the Sec. General of the UN is making a plea for other countries to come help us out. Quite a surprise there.


Cool. These people need help. I wish there was something I could do to help besides giving money.

And don't take me wrong, I am all for bashing celebs that don't kick in a ton of money.

Give them time, most of them will.


No one here is an "idiot." I posted the thread and here I am. I never said the celebs would not...I said they should. And now that they are...good for them and I salute them. Should I apologize? NO! Was I emotional? YES! So were a lot of those who responded. So please, save the idiot response.

I, too, am contributing(since that was probably your next point).


I heard that Jay-Z and Diddy will together donate 1 million dollars. Am I wrong here, but isn't that pocket change to them? I would think they'd donate more.