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Celebs on a (Dirty) Bulk!


Some of these pics are just pure gold:



The Tara Ried & Jessica Simpson ones are file photos.

I didnt think Elijah Wood could be anymore choad-mode, I was wrong.


This is great


lol, elijah wood was hilarious!


Dang, Paris Hilton bulked so much she grew a cock.


that one of Halle Barry isn't so bad for being 'fat' lol


That madonna one made me throw up in my mouth a little and who knew some fat and Elijah Wood turns into a lesbian.


Fat Elijah Wood looks like Jonah Hill, the fat kid from Superbad.

I'm impressed at how many of the pictures are spot-on. If I met fat Jennifer Aniston on the street I'd definitely think ''Hey, she's be cute with a 100 pounds less''. Now every time I see a fat girl with a pretty face I'll wonder if we lost another hot chick on the battlefield.


They blew the faces up WAY too much. Does that photoshop guy think fat deposits on the cheekbone?

And winter, I already feel that way, every fatty with a cute face is just a let down.




X2 on Halle. She's still pretty fine, lol.


It's quite telling that a fat version of Victoria Beckham didn't look very fat at all.


Yeah...they just gave her a lil stomach^


Agreed...she actually looks WAY better IMO.

Halle Berry looks like she squats a ton in that pic....still very sexy :smiley: