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Celebs at your Gym

Anyone pumped iron along-side a star? I know some of us here lift in some big city gyms.

The reason I ask is because, after today, I’ve realized that I’ve came across quite a few celebs at my local Gold’s. Today I passed 50 Cent in my way in (he’s playing Rupp tonight). So I guess I was wrong: the guy actually lifts…though he did have with him three of the the most roided out bodyguards these eyes have ever seen.

I also ran into Bill Goldberg there a few years ago and Tim Couch drops in sometimes.

Anyone else?

How’d you like to try working in with 50 and friends? Uh, excuse me, Mr. Cent, uh, how many sets do you, uh, have left? Poor bastards at Gold’s.

Hope no one gets shot!! He’s coming here to Miami University tomorrow (Wednesday) and giving a concert. This white, upper-middle class town is in an uproar because a controversial rapper is coming here. And they say they are trying to promote diversity, what a load of shit.

Did you know when he performs, he wears a vest on stage? How fucked up is that?

I personally have trained Mark Walberg and Micheal Clark Duncan. When they were in NYC. For the Opening of the Planet of the Apes. Both two down to earth indvidual! Also I had brushed w/ numberous other celbs. I saw Lenny Kravit walking out of Equinox while I was walking in. Micheal Douglas and Salma Hyek both train at Equinox in the uptown location. I guess you can say I came up close to a few celbs in my business.

I think most of the people at my gym were in silent films. lol

Exactly. I thought about talking to him, but what do you call him? Cent? Fity? Brotha?

Carrot-Top was walking into a Golds in Vegas as me and my brother were on our way out.

Dude has no calves.

I had Randy Couture do a double leg takedown, and them put me in an arm bar last night.

Within the past couple months I’ve seen Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Isaac Bruce, Mats Sundin, Antonio Davis, Vince Carter and several players from the Buffalo Bils and Detroit Lions of who’s names I’m unsure of. I obviously train at an athletic centre and not your standard gym. My own claim to fame, I’m a trainer/coach, was training Brooke Shields during the spring of 2001. She was here filming a movie.

I’d approach 50 cent, and his entourage, and bark at him in the deepest voice I could manage,“You wanna be the momma, or the poppa?”. As the old joke is told.

ANyone who wants to train alongside bbing celebs, all you have to do is go to World Gym or the Golds in Venice Beach. (Actually, most any major gym in SoCal has one or two top bbers in it nowadays…)

I’ve trained alongside Jeff Feliciano (the Weider writer, who is a very down-to-earth and nice guy), Diana Dennis and Tom Platz, to name a few. All from the old days… I could also name a few Japanese bbers who are pretty big out here, but probably no one would know them…!

They actually let black folks and jews in the same gym as white folks down there? What is happening down there!?!? :wink:

Lil’ Yankee humor for y’all…ahem…I mean, you all.

used to go the gym at the same time as Ray Bourque. really nice guy for one of the best hockey players at the time. he did legs 3 days of out 5 per week. also did endless situps on a decline bench with a 45. he’d usually stop half way up and rotate from side to side. he did that every day.

Randy Couture seems to be one cool dude. Doesn’t he train with Matt Lindland or something out of a car lot? I hear Randy’s taking on Chuck Liddel in June.


I’ve trained at the “Mecca”, twice. The first time, ran right into (literally),Adam Baker and watched Bolo Yeung train with his son.

Oh, and there was some fitness chickie “training” with two really big guys; and they were all wearing sunglasses. Wierd.

I gotta make it to Venice once. sigh

JWright: 50 Cent in Oxford? You are talking about Oxford right? I can imagine why that would be “controversial.” I saw a show at some bar in the uptown a few years ago and I was the only guy in there who didn’t have blonde hair, blue eyes, a dirty white hat, and a flannel.

chuckD, must be somethin bout us hockey players and decline situps. I love doing the things, however I haven’t done them with a 45 lb plate yet.

I live in one of the most boring cities in the US, so no. :frowning:


Yeah, that about sound like Oxford. I always hated uptown.