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Celebrity Workout: Daniel Craig

Alright, my friend passed me this link and pretty much claims “want to sport a rock-hard physique similar to Craig?s, follow the steps in this article and you?ll be there before you can say James Bond.”

If you take a look at “his” workout, he follows a split but somehow does not mention anything about back exercises. Another reason why total body workouts are better, JK.


“If you follow these steps, you should achieve a size and muscular shape similar to Daniel Craig?s in Casino Royale.”

What a load of shit.

“Craig was a doos bond, but I’d rather see the Connery work out- eat haggis, wear a kilt, slap your wife.” Lmao.
About the back thing, it showed because he had NO lats in his pics. Nothing peaking out behind those arm pits