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Celebrity Trainers


These dopes aren't for real are they? One talks about how he "beefed up" Usher. The guy is a buck 40 max! The same trainer said that lifting weights isn't what makes you strong it's bodyweight exercises that makes you strong! It must be lifting my dick off the floor every morning that made my deadlift 6 plates! What a tool.

P.S And as for Gunnar Peterson...


Hmm, valid point. I thought of this also. But for people like usher, he has ideal body size/composition for his job. He falls in the perfect medium for what is appealing to MOST peoples eyes. There are people like ll cool j, and vin diesel. Who do their own training and nutrition etc and it shows that they have a good understanding on getting big, because they have larger size physiques (for their societal position, compared to usher etc.). I know what you mean though, if I was a celeb and could spend all day counting my cals and working out 3 times a day if I want, and not have to worry about supp cost etc then I would be a fuckin beast. There are some trainers whom I have seen who look pretty decent such as I think it was beyonce's trainer, and p.diddy's trainer. And for that matter look at people like Tyson Beckford. However you can also consider polquin and Berardi etc celeb trainers, because pro athletes are celebs to an extent. Good thoughts though. I would like to see everyone elses insights into this.


To be a celebrity trainer you need;
The same qualifications as all other dumbass trainers (NB. not all trainers are stupid).
You know nothing more than the cereal box test you first took.
You can find idiot celebrities to pay you lots of money.


Well, I have no problem whatsoever with the results Gunnar Peterson has gotten with some of the women of Hollwood. I just won't be doing any of his workouts myself anytime soon.


LL Cool J works with a trainer very extensively, he also has chicken legs.
I think the excuse to not count your calories is an excuse. And I doubt that working out 3 times a day is necessary to achieve results except in extreme situations (heavy dieting/cardio).

I laughed when I heard that trainer tell Usher that, he's an idiot, but he got results. Better than a smart guy who gets none.

Some of the celeb trainers have good advice, my nutrition plan I basically took directly from an interview in Self: 5 x 500-700 calories, increase or decrease in increments of 50-100 per meal.

The problem is some of their advice is terrible. Since there is no advisory board shutting down the crappy stuff, they also end up disseminating worthless info e.g., balancing stuff.


Gunnar Peterson looks like a shit head. I just saw his commercial the other day, he looks like he's never trained a day in his life. I thought they just pulled some random Joe off the street, but then comes celebrity testimonials.



I once saw a show where they were profiling Peterson and he was having some 100lb female doing barbell squats with no weight, but with 25lb chains on the bar. I had just got back fro a Tate seminar in Ohio and I started laughing my ass off. Give the guy credit, like all celebrity trainers and some strength coaches, they are in the right place at the right time and they market themselves very well.


Who cares? I wouldn't change a thing about Brooke Burke's body. I could care less how much she squats. And not much about J. Lo either. Both have worked with Gunnar.


Brooke Burke and J-Lo would look great even without Gunnar Peterson strutting around in his lycra telling everyone he's the real deal! It's not rocket science. Don't eat shit and do cardio 3-4 days a week.

I'd love to see these guys create a physique thats not on the cover of Who magazine.


That is fair enough; women who aren't gentically gifted are going to have to work much harder, aka do real weights workouts, to get good bodies.


I saw an ad for some celebrity personal trainer's book or supplement line or something - I think I saw it while paging through a Men's Health at the library. Anyway, the trainer proudly listed Topher Grace as one of his celebrity clients. I just don't get it.


i think you guys'll enjoy this...

few weeks back i was watching a show on tv about rich celebs. it was about how much money they make in a year, what they spend it on, crazy purchases, etc. so they did a segment on usher... get this, he pays his trainer, $2,000 AN HOUR.

no, that's not a typo.

they went on to say that he works out with the trainer 4 hours a day... that part i gotta seriously doubt but regardless, it's crazy.


The same people probably say that Iggy Pop and Keith Richards have good bodies as well. What's their routine? 11am wake up, drink bottle of bourbon. 2 pm smoke a joint and snort some coke. 5pm cheat meal, 2 slices of pizza. 9pm take a hit, more bourbon. 11pm shots of tequila and some more dope. 1am another hit and chase it with some more coke. 3am pass out...


Seriously. It's like Lindsay Lohan's trainer standing up and proudly proclaiming, "Look what I accomplished with the help of an eating disorder. Train with me."


Good work if you can get it...


Do cardio 3-4 days/week? Do you really think that is key? Not eating shit ya.... but cardio?


I am going to finish my army tour and become a celeb trainer. For $1,000 an hour I would gladly bring some pain on some rich dickhead.

Heavy sled drags for an hour,
then bear crawls at high speed for about an hour.

After several months we would progress to some conjugated periodization in a power rack while still bringing the above mentioned pain.

I'd get fired, or a raise. Either way, he'll remember me for the rest of his natural life (however long that may be)


J-Lo and Brooke Burke do not just do cardio. They do plenty of weight work. But I don't think they lift heavy and have to do the kind of weight training most other women would have to do to approach bodies like theirs.