Celebrity MILF's

I just discovered that Suzanne Sommers is almost 60 years old, and she’s still a hottie by my standards! I’m not sure what she does to look that good at such an old age, but I think she deserves some kind of MILF award for it. Feel free to comment or post pics of other celebrity MILFs. (I’ve included a pic, let’s hope the mods put it threw).

Lauren Hutton is pretty hot MILF in my book.

Suzanne Sommers looks well preserved too. I believe she had a battle with cancer as well.

I think Morgan Fairchild and Fran Dresher are both hot, I never gave them a second thought until I saw them in those Old Navy commercials.

Demi Moore

Nice pic. I’d hit it!

Phyllis Diller is still a babe in my book.

Granny Clampett wasn’t looking too bad prior to her untimely demise, too.

I almost forgot about Pam Anderson. She’s defintly at the top of my MILF list.

I remember her in Playboy 40 years ago. Raquel Welsch has aged gracefully too. Demi Moore? She’s barely old enough to vote.

Raquel Welch

Christy Brinkley (sp?), Cherly Tieges (sp?)


Yeah! Back that thing on up, Goldie!


is that an ass rail?

Are you talking about MILFs or GMILFS?

those are some nice tits

Suzanne Somers trains like a maniac on the Thigh Master.

Gotta go with Goldie. That woman was go-go dancing on Laugh-In back in the 60s!

And just take this opportunity to admit that I’m completely behind the slang curve, and have no idea what MILF stands for. Anyone want to help a t-man out?

If Morgan Fairchild was my mother I would have never given up breast feeding.

char - Mother I’d Like to Fuck

A Milf is a mom i’d like to fuck. I think American Pie spawned this catch phrase.

GILF is a grandma i’d like to fuck.