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Celebrity Death Pool Thread


Oh, c'mon, we gotta do it.

Who ya got? From what is optional.

I don't know what the prize could be. Maybe T-N could offer up a shirt or something :wink:

There has to be some kind of rule, though, about last minute reports of failing health, like "So-and-so was just reported to be in critical condition with little chance of survival"

Next thread post "I got so-and-so..."


The potential to earn bad karma with this thread is sky high.


My money is on Macaulay Culkin (sp?).


I don't know, but he just looks like a drug addict to me.


Are you guessing accidental O.D., complications from drug abuse, or suicide?


is it just me, or does he look...hitler-ish in that picture?


Amy Winehouse, in the Study, with the candlestick.


So let me make sure I understand the concept of the game. We just guess whom we think is going to die next?? Hmm can we have tie ins as well. To where if the person we guess is somehow associaated with the actual person we get some points? I'm not sure, but that karma post has me scared to post any name at all now.

But I do have a name in mind. Okay, I have an idea. The following person is someone who I think is a good actor. And THATS why I'm posting his name...to let everyone know that I think he is good. That's the only reason. Morgan Freeman,


I had a friend whose family did this for cereal. They did a big draft. They assigned points on a successful death based on age. So if an old celebrity dies its like one point. But if you had one of those tragic out of nowhere deaths like Michael Jackson thats like 50 pts.

the same friend showed me a website devoted to the most elderly celebrities. I cant remember what its called but its basically a death list.




Dennis Hopper was the correct answer.
Celebrities die in three's: Dio, Coleman, and now Hopper.


Maccaulay Culkin looked EXACTLY like me in his films when I was young , and still look like me a little bit, only less healthy. If he dies, the supernatural link between us will disappear and I will fade away, just like Voldemort when Harry Potters die.



Would probably be what you were talking about Eli


This thread reminds me I need to listen to Howie Carr more.


We need to get extra points for guessing a young person, so my first guess is hella good.

However, if we're just going to pick the most likely...

Dick Clark
Bob Barker
Mickey Rooney

My friends and I have always said when Dick Clark or Bob Barker dies we're throwing a triple kegger. It will be epic.


I have a long standing bet that Keith Richards is going to die next - I am still amazed he has been alive this long.


Since Hopper was a popular actor, the next death will be someone not so widely known, or maybe a disney star like Zach Efron


Hugh Hefner


^^ Hey, let's not turn this into a wish-list death thread!


I don't think that Furlong kid from Terminator will last much longer.