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Celebrity Ass Whipping


Kind of spinning off the T-Nation tough guy thread...

If you could choose a celebrity head to crack, whose would it be?

1. Kanye West
2. Bill Walton
3. Jared from Subway (I'd probably let my girl handle this one - sit back, have a beer and enjoy the show)


Definitely Sean Penn. And I think Tommy Cruise could use one also.


yeah, I think he'd be right up there for me.

Richard Simmons and Tony Little would be in the running too.


Kanye West
Tom Cruise
Pam Anderson....sick of her PETA shit

etc etc etc etc


someone who thinks she is a celebrity....Cindy Sheehan.
I would love to punch her in the throat.


oh yeah, and definately kanye west.

two hits......



I'd hit it, tho.

"So tell me, is there any tread left on the tires? Or at this point would it be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?"


Anyone and everyone sporting that idiot Kaballah wristband.


from Family Guy if Im not mistaken!




I would fight Brad Pitt.

"I felt like destroying something beautiful."


Oh man...WAY too many choices out there...I suppose I could just walk around in LA/Hollywood and take out the first celebrity I saw...yeah that'd be OK in my book.

Maybe I'd take out the colonel...ooh I hate the colonel. With his wee bitty eyes, "you're going to buy my chicken aren't you"?!


wow, I was just thinking about doing a thread like this. Okay, mine:

  1. Usher: the epitome of everything I hate

  2. Kanye West: Decent music, quite possibly the most horrendous ego and personality I've ever seen

  3. Madonna: A female version of #1

I'll throw in an honorable ass kicking mention for Gwen Stefani, who suddenly turned from a suburban white chick to a ghetto girl so drastically that it would make Foxy Brown look like Jewel.

That goes for anyone who suddenly develops "blaccent", i.e. Justin Timberlake, Carson Daly whenever he's speaking to a black individual, etc.


"Shatner. I'd fight William Shatner."

Or, Ashton Kutcher.
Punch him right in the eyeteeth ::fwap:: "Who's punk'd now, bitch?"


Correct :slight_smile:


way too many choices. I think it would be better just to fast rope into an award ceremony and start punching people in the face. Movie stars, music stars, friends, and family. They would all get a fist/boot to the head. Then as the helicopter came in to exfil me I would drop trou and poop right on the oscar/emmy itself.

Did I mention I hate that award show crap?


I'd like to step in the cage with anyone that's been on The Real World or Road Rules or basically any MTV reality show, ESPECIALLY the fucktards from Pimp my Ride. I'd like to tie Pam Anderson to a chair, gut a deer in front of her, and make her wear the empty carcass as a suit.


Ive gotta whoel list going, right now the top of that list is Nelly for his goddamn grillz music video.
But I gotta say I love mike myers reaction when in the pic at the top of the thread. It is pricless his eyes just go WTF!?!?!?!


I would like to kick Ashley Parker Angel in his vagina. Just the sound of his name signifies the amount of T he's got....Pitiful.


none, i don't have enough time or hate in my life to sit back and dream of whooping someones ass i never met.

on the other hand i have met chipper jones and he is the biggest fucking jerk ive ever met. id beat the shit outta him anyday.