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Celebrities You Like


This is just for comparison to the "Celebrities you hate" thread. List any number of celebrities that you like.

In no particular order:

Bill Gates: richest man in the world, yet still donates to charity by the billions. Not to mention his modesty. Classy guy.

Angelina Jolie: just because she's so hot, and uses more of her brain than, say, Lindsay Lohan.

Jackie Chan: For kicking well into his 50s.

Chuck Norris: for fear that excluding him will get me roundhouse kicked.


Um.......I'm thinking...I'm thinking.


Harrison Ford, even though he seems stoned and is with a chick who's way too skinny, because he had an interview recently where someone tried to bait him into giving the left-wing Hollywood creed, and he said, basically, I'm one guy with one vote, I may not like where we're headed right now, but why should anyone care what I think?


Billy Crystal was always one of my favorites, and I went to see his show 700 sundays, and it made me like him even more. Highly reccommended, he made it into a book, too.

Robin Williams. Funny guy, who can be serious... both while being a great actor, and comedian, for that matter.

Brian Leech... did 'skate with the greats' in 94 when the rangers won the stanley cup, then met him again a few years back before he was traded to the bruins. Extremely nice guy- he actually had a conversation with us as opposed to signing something and pushing us away.

Robert Dinero. A serious actor, who can also be funny.

Cuba Gooding Jr... great actor overall.

Thats my two brothers, me, and a family friend, and obviously Brian Leetch. The only rangers jersey I have is signed, and I wasnt about to wear it to a game- they did though.


Patrick Swayze - I think he's cool, and Roadhouse is one of fave films.

Christopher Lambert - although I think he does not do films anymore.

Chris Rock - some of his earlier stand up is about the funniest stuff I've heard.


That's why I originally thought of naming this thread "Celebrities you don't mind", but decided to go with "celebrities you like" for the mirror effect (you know what I mean).


Sorry to be a stereotypical Canadian, but the Oilers game is just about to start. I'll throw in Ryan Smyth.

Not the flashiest player in the league, but he plays an old-school style -- he even plays with a flat stick blade. The guy is a class-act -- he's one of the dwindling number of professional athletes that kids can still look up to.

Of course, there are other Alberta boys in the NHL that deserve similar praise, including Jarome Iginla.

Cue the crazy Canadians to take over this thread by arguing about hockey.


Wow, someone beat me to putting up a hockey player. And an American, to boot.


The Rock. He manages to make any cheezy movie funny.


Should I say Todd Bertuzzi for my vote?


You could, but doesn't he hate playing in Vancouver? At least that's what I got from some of the comments he's made recently.

Edit: He also has this problem with breaking peoples' necks for no apparent reason. But, I guess if you're into that...


I'll second this, for several reasons:

1) He went to my high school
2) I broke his single-season sack record for football at said high school, my most prized claim to fame
3) I met him and he's cool as hell

I'll also throw in votes for Clive Owen, Aaron Eckhart, and Scarlett Johansen. All are very talented and at least seem mildly modest, which seems to be quite a feat in Hollywood.


Koobie picket
Creepy pockets
wait its Kirby Puckett.

Did a lot for the state of MN.


Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I can't believe I left him off my list! Thanks for reminding me.


Paul Newman. Met him twice, there is not a classier, more humble guy on the planet. He puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to charity as well.

Clint Eastwood. Never met him, but strikes me as a pretty cool dude in his interviews.


Jerome Bettis, Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, Bill Cowher, and Dan Rooney. Class and excellence personified.


Brad Pitt. I just flat out like every movie the guy is in. He clearly picks his movies carefully.

Michelle Branch. It certainly helps that she's quite good looking, but I've seen a few interviews and she comes across as very genuine. And her music, well...2 outta 3 aint bad.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone. These guys are brilliant. Look up their official response to the recent pulling of their scientology episode. It's awesome.

Randy Couture. How can you not like this guy?


ice-t, jerry remy, henry rollins, branford marsalis, uma thurman. mmmmm i like uma thurman.


Henry Rollins