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Celebrities Who Make You Sick 2


One of the most fun threads ever IMO was this: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=600885

Since it died almost a year ago, I figured I'd start a new one. The basic rule laid out by ZEB was no mention of political figures.

Ok, my original three were adam sandler, which provoked hearty disagreement, Michael Savage, and larry merchant from HBO boxing. (I've softened a bit on Savage, and actually agree with him on some issues. However he is still a pathetic self-aggrandizer who laughably attempts to be humble).

On to new ones. (Before I begin, anybody want to give odds on how much hate Kanye West gets?)

1-Donald Trump. I can't stand him, his nasty hair, his arrogance, and the fact people think he's a genius when the facts are he's an incompetent investor who's been bankrupt multiple times. The only reason he has found success at certain points was that he was born into money.

I also resent him for buidling one of the tallest residential buildings in the world in my old neighborhood, a monstrosity that will ruin the 'hood.

I also resent the fact he ripped off the "Mr. McMahon' character from WWE's Vince McMahon, whom he does know personally, and has used it to achieve greater fame and success.

Speaking of which,

2-Vince McMahon, for ruining North American wrestling, for f#cking over cruiserweights, tag teams, and countless talented wrestlers. For refusing to admit that wrestlers from other companies have had great success with their characters. For making those same wrestlers change once they arrived in WWE to fit his mold. Goldberg wearing a wig and having to be a heel being Evidence A. Scott Steiner having to be a face Evidence B.
I also resent him for focusing on either monsters or 'roid heads, instead of smaller guys who can actually wrestle and entertain. Now that WWE has adopted what appears to be a serious drug policy, WWE has been on a spree, signing any wrestler 6'5 and up no matter how putrid they are in the ring or on the mic.

3- Robert Allen, for being a fraud and ripping me off, and Robert Kiyosaki, who has NEVER earned a dime in his life thru real estate or investing yet has sold himself as being a money expert. He's even more of a fraud than Allen.

I made a solid real estate investment in spite of your useless advice, bitches!

Now its your turn T-Nation


I don't have any to add....but I'll disagree heavily with you about Trump. He's not the worlds most likeable guy but if you made yourself a few billion yo'd be a pretty cocky guy too and nobody can deny that. If you can't admire a guy who went from being wildly succesful to being 9B in the hole to being back on top with a 5B dollar company...who the hell can you admire?

I admire Trump quite a bit...his hair sucks yes...but he's hugely successful and has a lot to teach people once you dig through some of his BS.

Oh what the hell...here are my three:
1. Robert Kyosaki for being a scammer
2. Barry Bonds, not for the juice, ust because he an isolationist in a team sport
3. TO, hugely talented, but I hate the worlds biggest chip he carries on his shoulder...I have a real problem feeling sorry for a guy who makes millions for playing a game (the best game)!




Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie

Eminem - top shelf COCK


Im guessing Tom Cruise is a given.

Frankie muniz. Lindsey Lohan. Paul Walker.


I almost forgot :

Bono - World Poverty doesn't dissappear because someone raises a load of cash.

Chris Martin of Coldplay - Thinks he's Bono, but he's a Grockle and has no credibility and appauling music.


Jared from the Subway commercials. I respect that he went from fat-ass to way to skinny. But seriously, is it really that hard to not stuff your face with cheetos and instead choose a healthier option?


any reality TV dickhead, all pop fame idol crap, musicians with attitude, tom cruise and his space cadets...

too much time to start listing...Ahhhh


That something-Carter (Erin?), kid who's a wannabe pop-star. Blond haired little boy who acts bad-ass and I think sued his parents.

I can't stand that a kid like that can have tons of money and I actually have to work for mine.


Ummm, a certain hotel heiress who I refuse to name pubicly.

I get a little queasy just thinking about her and how our children seem to admire a COMPLETELY talentless snob who's sole exsistence is based on fucking shopping.


Yea, this kid.

OMFG I don't like to wish bad things onto many people, but I would love to see this kid beaten beyond recognition!


Too many to name, I think!

But I can try:
Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand... They all have NO flippin idea what they're talking about half the time... they just revel in their self-induced feelings of importance. I mean, has anyone READ Babs' newsletters? They're wrought with spelling errors, and just plain idiotic.

And personally, I have a WHOLE category of hate devoted to women who "give women a a bad name":
(Yes, yes, I'm sure you think they're hot, but there's more to life than that -- They make me ashamed to be female!)
- Paris Hilton
- Lindsey Lohan
- Calista Flockhart
- Ashlee Simpson
- Natalie from the Dixie Chicks (urrr!)
etc, etc.

However, I have one that tops all the lists, and I know many will disagree with me: Katie Couric.

I really and truly cannot stand her. The exploitation of her legs, her inability to talk like an adult, the way that NBC markets her... its aggravating. (I have to wonder -- is CBS going to make the front panel of Dan Rather's old desk clear, so as to view Katie's legs? Isn't that what she's good at?)


I sure hope they make her desk clear! I want to do naughty things to her. I might even watch the news now.


Kanye West: I kinda like his music, but it would be fun to split his lip.

Tobey Keith: He his ruining country music. He needs to come out of the closet, he reminds me of the cowboy from the Village People.

Rush Limbaugh: I sometimes agree with him..... but it doesn't really matter cuz it's all an act. No one can toss Bush's salad with that much enthusiasm and mean it.


Is it because you don't know what she calls her own hoo-ha? I think she calls it "Smelly H".
The "H" stands for Herpes.


Jennifer Aniston: I don't know what it is about her that drives me into a rage just looking at her face, but I can't stand her.

Her "I'm so sorry" face makes me want to use her face as a punching bag.


Keanu Reeves, I forgot him, what a 'Douche Bag' as I would say if I was American.


I like JA, I prefer the 'sorry' face to the stupid smug face of Brad Pitts new missus.


Toby Keith

Rush Limbaugh

Terrell Owens

A Rod.

Johnny Damon.

Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious. That motherfucker CANNOT act).

Hillary Clinton.

Pat Robertson.


Paris Hilton.

Any male that is on TV shows that make males look like big pussies (Ray Romano, etc.)


Toby MacGuire

Keanu Reeves

Tom Cruise - way to let me down Tom.

Cristopher Reeves - he started being a 'good' and 'non-selfish' person after his accident and gave money to his OWN charity so he could try to save himself. That's just low down and dirty in my books.

Any of those two bit pop music stars. Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, etc.

Oh and Harrison Ford. What hapened to him?