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Celebration time

i have a big event coming up in my life and i haven’t drank since i started lifting hard about three years ago. i really want to celebrate this night so i was just wondering what everyone thought was the least harmless alcohol to drink. i realize that alcohol is hard on the body but i’m talking more along the lines of calorie content and that type of stuff. any other suggestions about alcohol consumption would also be appreciated.

I really wonder if there is such a thing as the “least” harmless alcoholic beverage. Truth is, I don’t think such a thing exists.

My first choice, as always, is beer. Good, old fashion beer. Can't mess up a good beer. One thing you should think of is this: after going "cold turkey" for three years, your tolerance will be practically nil. If you've been watching your nutrition, training, etc. - it'll be quite a shock to your body, too. I know this from experience. One beer, after just several months of not drinking, and had been eating "right", training, will kick my ass. And I'm not a lightweight. So you better take it really slow and easy when you reintroduce alcohol back into your bod.

Beer is the only answer (for me). Your tolerance will be so low that you won’t even be able to drink enough for calories to be a concern (believe me, I’ve done it). So go ahead and celebrate! Just take it slow, your system doesn’t know what alcohol is anymore.

the amount of alcohol is supposedly equal in each type of serving. calorie wise i would go with a light beer. make sure you drink plenty of water and don’t drink and drive. If you do plan on getting drunk make sure you give your self atleast one full day of stress free recuperation with a lot of water consumption and testosterone boosters. laters pk

I hope you actually don’t consider wasting three years of abstinence on a fucking Coors Light aka The Piss Of THe Rockies. You need to go with a very high-quality liquor. My advice is Grey Goose Vodka, mixed with whatever you want. Tonic water is calorie-free. GG is without a doubt the finest vodka I have ever had. It leaves me with absolutely no hangover. It is extensivbely filtered, which means it has very few impurities-which are what cause most of a hangover. Have fun!

Either you wanna drink or you don’t wanna drink. Once every three years : drink whatever: puke and pass out; you’ll feel alive and somewhat crappy the next dayand you won’t drink for another 3 years.

I say just do shots of Grain Alcohol. Wont have to worry about the calories, just your hospital bill.

If you decided to change your diet to lower your bodyfat and your plan was to eat clean and at the right calorie level for one day how much progress will you get? Drinking one day in three years, no matter how much you drink (excluding a lethal dose) will be on the same order. At worst you’ll be hung over and dehydrated the next day, and may even feel a little foggy the second day if you really go on a bender but that’s about it. I’d recommend sticking to beer, light beer if you can stomach it. Make sure you eat along with drinking and drinking some water would be a good idea, especially before bed.

Don’t worry about it!!! When your lying on you death bed, you will probably not be wishing you had bigger biceps or I heavier bench - you will be wishing you had more fun with the people you love. Its just one event go and blow it out have a blast then jump back on your program the next day. Best wishes.

On those rare occasions, I usually sip on some wine. Just follow pkradgreek’s advice and make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated.

good for u man , since i got into lifting i rarely drink , but ive notice ill go months with out drinking , then ill binge drink , im glad to hear you are able to go that long . i ussally drink beer, i notice when i drink hard liquior i wont lift as well for a week or two, same for when i smoke weed , wich ive givin up completely.

First, I admire that you have the self-discipline (like many T-folks) to stay off the bottle generally. Second, I would say Sake (Japanese “rice wine,” though technicaly speaking, actually a beer) is a good choice. Again you’ll always be trading alcohol content for lower calories no matter what you pick, adn Sake is about has hangover proof as alcohol comes. It does taste like a baboon’s ass, but it’s not bad for you, relatively speaking.

This is a tough one for me too, I always hear that alcohol lowers test and that point is underlined when your hammered and your ‘old fella’ isn’t as respinsive as it should be.
I’m sure it’s all right once in a while but all my mates go out on Fri and Sat nights and get absoululty fucked and I like to go along at least once a week. Does anyone thing this is training suicicde or is it an overblown old wives tale? Your only young once and I don’t want to miss out on ‘avin it large’ with my mates. Having said that I love training, what do you other young red-blooded muscle heads do about this

I honestly can not believe some of these responses out there. Getting drunk one weekend is not going to mysteriously change your physic overnight that you have built over the last 3 years. Please go enjoy life and drink what you like.

Only people who havent been lifting that long would worry about one day of drinking. good lord. its not going to change anything. you wont shrivel away into nothing. use some common sense. that seems to be lacking in todays society.

Yeah, Having a few beers now and again is cool. I will sometimes have a few cans at night just to chill out…even on training nights. Im not saying i drink loads, just maybee 4 cans a couple of nights a week. Dosnt effect my phique at all. Infact it prolly helps, as it helps lower stress levels.

Just my say anyway


Grey Goose Vodka is a good suggestion. If you like gin, go for Bombay Saphire. Stay away from cheap wines. The main thing as suggested above is to keep yourself hydrated. Have plenty of water beforehand, and alternate drinks with a bottle of water. And while we’re on the subject: don’t drink and drive! Have a blast!

Listen, I really don’t think one night of drinking well hurt this guy physically. However, the next day is the question. I agree with pk: remain hydrated. Or if you don’t you will feel the pain the next day.

I still drink beer and wine. And well occasionally drink a SKYY vodka (yummy). So again, the concern here is that this guy HAS NOT drank in three years. I don't think it'd be a good idea to go "hog wild" with alcohol right now. It'll kick his ass.

DS, let’s see. I guess I can respect the fact that you’re trying really hard to do the right thing, but hell dude… if it’s really a celebration (going crazy once every 6 months I think is still well under the limit) then you really shouldn’t worry about the effects on your physique. Don’t go do heroine or anything:P Now if you’re looking for drink suggestions because you’re just out of the loop-- if you’re going Vodka, no offense but don’t go for SKYY. Grey Goose is clear and away the best Vodka. Next off, if it’s a more sophisiticated celebration, try a nice California Merlot from 95 or 97… I like the Duckhorn vintage a lot myself. It’s quite good and not really well known. You could always go with some Dom Perignon. hah=) Anyway, try to relax and don’t worry too much about it. If it’s going to be one of those wilder nights, you’ll burn off the carbs really quickly:P
Again, it’s nice to see that you’re so gung ho… but don’t go overboard:P Just let loose for a night-- and go Red wine if you’re not going to drink a lot (most people get bad hangovers from it). If you’re going to celebrate once every 3 years, do it right:P


Your best bet seeing that Alcohol is 7 calories per gram equivilant is to stay away from the spirits that are heavy in sugar. The best rule of thumb is the clearer the alcohol, the more pure they are. So stick to drinks like Gin and Soda, and Vodka and Soda. Again stay as hydrated as possible and have some fun. If you can’t go out and enjoy the body you’ve worked for, then what’s the point. One night of responsible drinking won’t kill you, just be careful if your on any dieretic supplements (I.e. stay hydrated).