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Celeb Fever

Am I the only person who thinks worshipping celebs is really fucking lame?

It’s the Toronto Film Fest right now and so many people won’t stfu about whoever is in the city right now. People going celeb gazing and all that shit.

I was listening to the news while making my food and I swear 45 of the 60s minutes were about celebs.


Am I just a bummer, or do other people hate hearing about celebs too?

omg did u get to c hana montana

Last film fest jessica biel backhanded me in the face by accident

I agree, the importance we place on celebrities in our society is ridiculous. I don’t hate them, but i don’t want to know about their personal lives.

When there’s a controversy, that’s all you hear about on the news, when they’re in town, it’s all the media can talk about. seriously, who cares what the celebs are wearing and how much they cost!

It’s pretty sad that we live in a world where advancements in science, technology, etc barely get a sentence, we land a robot on mars, or a soldier did something courageous and sacrificed his life overseas,

but all over the internet, news, newspapers, all you would see is a picture of some celebrity walking out of a coffee shop. “holy shit, they go to starbucks and drink coffee just like the rest of us!!!”

and someone please tell me, what is the big freakin deal with Hannah Montana? She has no talent, and she isn’t even cute. but yet people act like she’s the hottest thing since sunburn.

i am a fan of different actors/actresses, i’d be lying if i said that i wasn’t, but lot of people really worship them, to the point where it pretty much becomes part of their lives.

For example, I’m a Schwarzenagger fan, but i could never run a fanclub of his, i don’t even know the name of his kids, whearas, there are people that know every detail about him, and own a pair of his underwear.

the only good celeb news is tit slips ect…

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
Last film fest jessica biel backhanded me in the face by accident[/quote]

By accident, you sticking to that story!