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CEE Vs. Mixed Creatine/NO Products!

I am currently using Storm and Shock Therapy. Shock Therapy pre-workout and Storm post-workout. Is just plain Creatine Ehtyl Ester better than the other creatine’s as far as bloating, water retention, and absorption? Has anyone tried Beta-7 and what kind of results have you had?

Boy drop the kitchen sink supps. buy just regular creatine monohydrate its as or more effective. Read Dave Barrs recent article on creatine explains all you need.

Beta-7 my early response is I am for sure able to get a rep or two more with noticeable less LA build up. Still early but im liking it.

Let’s not forget the whole environment of “the box” here. As T-Nation members we trust our resources here to be honest. So we are cautious about buying into CEE and NO stuff.

But on the outside, our resources are least trusted. Why not? Is this bodybuilding/strength resource site the only place with info about how CEE and NO is rubbish? It seems so. So our resources are labeled biased for the Biotest company.

It’s hard to shake such comments on the outside. One thing I try to state on the outside of T-Nation is that the resources we have available here help us question the claims and answers. So in the end, not too many people on the outside of T-Nation question the answers. Why would a supplement company lie about their miracle physique and training product?

Excuse me, but my post may seem a bit out of wack, but hopefully you get my point. I still feel that CEE and NO is useless next to educated, optimized training and nutrition.

So far, I am extremely impressed with BETA-7, probably more so than creatine.

My suggestion is that you learn exactly what creatine is. And how ALL of its forms are created.

CEE, di-creatine-malate, tri-creatine-malate, creatine anhydrous, creatine citrate, etc, etc are basically useless. The only reason they may work is because a little of creatine actually made it to the muscle.

Go here, read the second downloadable book (which is free)

Whether you believe in the Kre-alkalyn product (which IS creatine monohydrate, JUST at a different pH level) or you don’t…still read it to learn about creatine as a compound.

Creatine monohydrate works. It’s got so many studies behind it’s effectiveness and saftey. Does it have side effects? Sure, sand in a glass doesn’t always absorb well without causing gastrointenstinal stress. You get puffy and bloated looking.
BUT you get strength and endurance and that’s what you’re taking it for.

I personally believe that Kre-Alkalyn works better than regular micronized creatine monohydrate (including Biotest’s brand, AST’s brand, EAS’s brand which I’ve all tried). But that’s me.

As far as BETA-7 goes…it’s a yes…it does what it promises. I suggest you read the comments (mine included on page 8) of The Next Creatine article.