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CEE, taste AWEFUL.


Ok so i recently invested in some cee powder. Even though all the reviews said the stuff tasted bad, i thought i could man up and take it... and i can... but barely. This stuff is DISGUSTING. Tastes like nail pollish.

I dump a teaspoon of dextrose directly into my mouth followed by the cee, that masks it a tiny bit. Then chase with koolaid. Any other suggestions? BESIDES CAPPING OF COURSE


No suggestions, but I'm curious what kind of CEE you are using.


Probably what he should be. If it's the good stuff, it tastes like battery acid. Not that the best CEE is really so different than monohydrate. I am using some up that I bought in bulk awhile ago before just sticking with monohydrate. I put put in in my PWO shake of Surge and Power Drive. It covers the taste suprisingly well. Shake doesn't taste too bad-just a little bit of a bite to it.


For those of you familiar with CEE, can it be used in dosage just like Monohydrate? What I'm curious about is using it in the combo that I've seen CT mention several times with 5 grams of creatine, BCAA's, and glutamine, 5 times a day.

Most of the CEE I see, recommends the standard 5 grams a day, often times split prior to training and after training. I was wondering if CEE would be safe to take in doses exceeding the standard label reccomendations. With what I've read about it, it seems it should be, but I just wanted to bounce it off some of you first.


I'll try and find the link, but before I say anything else, you SHOULD NOT exceed the daily dose of CEE because of the Ethyl part that's attached and the way it can get in your cells.


I hear that a regular dose of CEE is 3g post workout (nothing on off days). That info is from people who sell it (so, if anything, it would probibly be less, IMO). Creatine Monohydrate is 5g a day, 7 days a week.


The oddity of suggestions out there never ceases to amaze me.

[That is just a general comment, not in reference to anyone in particular here]


What are the differences between CEE and monohydrate? I don't have any significant response to monohydrate, would that be the same with CEE?


Being the expert, could you suggest a proper CEE dose?

(I'm rereading your article and I see a 3 gram post workout dose of creatine monohydrate.)


The two types have very similar molecular weight so 3g is fine. It's not a big deal to use more, particularly at the beginning.

Good question.