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Cedric Wins Levrone Classic!


Cedric finally wins one, and ahead of that awful Branch Warren.



Great to see Cedric having some success. He’s got a great physique that really flows together harmoniously, unlike a lot of his contemporaries.


Finally! And Branch only got 3rd which is great


Hey @CLUNK, there’s a pretty good interview with Cedric from after his Levrone Classic win. He starts off a bit dour but warms up a bit and by the end he’s cracking jokes and all sorts.

I doubt I could link it but if you search for Live With Cedric McMillan you’ll find it


I always found fault with Ced’s conditioning at past shows, but damn does he have an amazing combination or size structure. So glad to see him rewarded like this, and Branch smacked down a bit. Branch’s physique just seems to deteriorate a bit more with each passing year.

I will never fault a competitor for loving the sport, continuing to train, compete, whatever they want, but Branch’s recent/current look is not what I think the judges should be rewarding no matter how long he’s been a top finisher.



who actually likes Branch’s physique? Seriously, when have you ever heard anyone say Branch is their favourite, or even one of their favourites?


His conditioning is part of why I like him. I don’t like the dry grainy look. Smooth round and full > dry and grainy IMO. I actually think things like deep striations break up the lines of a physique and make them not flow as well.

It’s like the people who take a good looking sports car and
put chrome strips in the door jam and visually break the flowing curve down the side of the car.