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CE2 Worth The Price?

Hey, just wondering what people thought about MRI’s new product CE2, and if ya’ll think its worth the $80 price tag.

I googled it and gathered that it’s creatine.

To me, no creatine is worth 80 bucks.

Stick to basic creatine, without the bells and whistles.

[quote]atmosphere wrote:
…To me, no creatine is worth 80 bucks…[/quote]


That is, unless you are talking about a 10 kilo drum of creatine! Nothing like a supply that will last me through the remainder of my twenties!

In all seriousness, though, creatine monohydrate works just fine in its unadulterated, unenhanced form. Plus, it cost a tiny fraction of what the bells+whistles formulas cost. Short answer: No, not worth it at all.


Are companies still screwing with creatine formulas? If it costs more than $30.00 a kilo, it aint worth it.

Just throw it in your coffee or tea with a little sugar and you will have a “super turbo uptake transport system with added potentiation for fat burning, combined with anti-oxidants to rectify the free radicals brought on by stress, Plus the added benifit of a contoured dosing schedule that you can determine!”

Now send me the money you would have spent.That hyperbole gets expensive, and those excalmation points aren’t cheap either.