CDMac's TRT Journey

@KSman, thanks for the reply!

As suggested by you and @Hostile, I am dropping my AI dose to account for lower T dose plus a little extra to try to get close to E2=22pg/ml.

  • I noted my TSH numbers from my labs in Sept 2016 (3.160 uIU/mL)
  • Thought I would get TSH from latest labs but didn’t specifically request it

You asked about other thyroid symptoms not previously stated so here’s my report on those:

  • dry skin - No
  • sparse outer eyebrows - No
  • feeling cold easier - No but my feet are always cold!
  • other problems similar and accumulative with low-T - I’m not sure I have any other symptoms not previously mentioned but if I come across any or develop new ones, I’ll post to this thread
  • My AM and PM TEMPS are a mess - totally all over the board so far
  • Trying to be more consistent and not miss taking temps
7/19/2017 97.6
7/20/2017 97.6 98.7
7/22/2017 96.8 98.4
7/23/2017 98.6 98.0
7/24/2017 96.9
**Note:** 7/23 AM Temp taken at 11:30 AM as I slept in after feeling ill from dinner

You asked how I was sleeping now and that’s a tough one to answer. I’ve had so many variables (new bed, new pillows, moved to new place, shoulder pain, TRT started, etc.) over the last few months that the quality of my sleep seems to be a moving target.

  • Slept great for first few weeks on TRT
  • Started having shoulder pain (cortisone shot wearing off) that kept waking me up for a while
  • Moved and got new bed (harder memory foam to help with low back) - Slept GREAT
  • Switched up pillows to try to get less stress on shoulder
  • All in all it’s been hard to nail down how I’m sleeping generally
  • Been some good nights and some horrible nights (some of that might have been due to caffeine - See my reply to Hostile)
  • Last night I slept best I have in months (coincidental or result of changes? We’ll see)

Next Steps

  • I plan to do IR with Iodoral and selenium as per your recommendations in Thyroid Basics Explained
  • These supps were ordered from Amazon today (7/24/2017)
  • Once past IR, my multi, Gaspari Anavite, contains 75 mcg Iodine (From Kelp) and 35mcg Selenium per serving
  • Limit tuna (high mercury content) or replace with Salmon (I eat this as a main protein source)
  • Keep an eye on my proteins and RBC relative to T levels
  • Ask new doc about Rx meloxicam - I looked this up and maybe it will help me as it has you
  • Keep hCG level at 125iu EOD and see where that takes me - possibly adjust higher as needed
  • Replace Sea Salt grinder with traditional salt shaker (already have iodized salt that I use in cooking sometimes)


  • Once through IR, does my multi contain enough Iodine and Selenium for maintenance levels?
  • Is testing TSH again now that I’m on TRT a fools errand or does it makes sense to add it to my labs I plan to get 4 weeks from my changed T and AI dosing (around the 20th of August or so)?

Thanks for the compliment on my attention to detail. :fonzie:

@azwildcats - I am not currently taking clomid

  • Started 50mg 3x / week on 5/19/2017
  • Last does of clomid was on 6/20/2017
  • Stopped based on recommendations here to not stack T+AI+SERM