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CD Stuck In Player

2005 Tahoe, CD is stuck in the player.

Anyone know how to fix it without ripping the dash apart?

Thanks in advance,


i doubt that this is the right way (or the easiest way) to do it, but i had a similar problem with my honda. surprisingly, the problem remedied itself when i eventually had to change out the car battery. i don’t know why, but once i hopped back in the car, there was my cd, hanging halfway out of the player like nothing had ever happened.

Throw Nate Dogg in there… he’ll push it out.

Have you checked the Owner’s Manual?

Will the CD play, or is the player completely nonresponsive?

Yeah try totally disconnecting the power. This may reset it and spit it out. I know some of the older models used to have a manual eject similar to a floppy drive.

I think there’s sometimes a manual over-ride where you put a pin in a small hole, but then again I may be getting that confused with a computer CD ROM.

If you can’t find it in the owner’s manual, try calling the manufacturer. One phone call could save you from having to buy a new CD player.

This is slightly off topic, but I never thought I would get a chance to tell this story and actually have it be remotely relevant to any discussion.

My brother-in-law and I were sipping on more than just a few bourbon and waters one night, when the idea struck him to play a cd that was made by one of his marine buddies. For some reason he felt the need to listen to it in our new 2003 Suburban.

So we go outside, and get in. My bro-in-law takes the cd and jams it into the 6 cd changer without waiting for the little green light that says it is okay to load. It gets stuck. He suggests going for the coat hanger and prying it out. I pushed the OnStar button.

Now the poor kid that was working the switchboard at 1:30 a.m. has probably had to talk to his share of drunks - but not Texas drunks.

I politely ask him if he can eject my stuck cd. He is very sure that it can’t be done. Then he starts laughing. I have the feeling he put me on the loudspeaker, and everyone working that shift with him was listening to this idiot slurring out such a request.

I really thought they should be able to do it - and got a little pissed that he was laughing at what I knew was very reasonable request.

So I tell him that they can unlock a fucking car for an asshole without keys from outer fucking space - but he couldn’t eject a cd?

Anyhow - I took it to the dealer and he replaced the entire unit as it was still under warranty.