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CCTV in Brit Homes


Good work England...not that America is any better these days:



Once upon a time the British had similar program here in America, where they would station soldiers in peoples homes. That is why the third amendment states:

"No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law".

In over two hundred years nothing has changed with the British.


LOL, I knew someone would post this, it is BS.


I would like to see a credible source explaining what this is about, not some blog.


In a nutshell, one of the outcomes of the British lavish welfare state is they have for several generations now been breeding people to have seriously dysfunctional lives. They have people who grew up in these seriously dysfuntional homes who now have children of their own.

So now they are trying to fix the mess they created while at the same time using it as an opportunity to have a go at civil liberties.


Orwell didn't realize every citizen and his sister would have a handheld camera.

But then again, he didn't realize there'll be counter-terrorism laws (I think the "counter" suffix can be dropped at this point) restricting what citizens can and can't take pictures of.


You're not a credible source.

I would like to see a credible source explain this.

And by the way- why aren't you in the combat sports forum anymore? There's a lot of MMA douchebags in there bashing TMA's and it drives me fucking crazy.


Well I think I am.

The problem with trying to find a credible source in Britain is very few people are willing criticize the status quo.

I am serious about how dysfunctional people can become living on welfare. It's like feeding the bears at Jellystone.

That is a good question. In a nushell. I got fed up with trying to debate with douchbags who in a dojo setting I would have very quickly told let's take this out on the floor, then we will see how much shit you want to talk after you fight me. It is frutstrating trying to debate something online when I could esaily demonstrate in person.

It has become a bit too much of an MMA circle jerk. It actually had improved there for a little bit where there was a lot less antagonism. But then Enter the Brotards arrived. Lately I have been really busy at work and just don't have the time or the motivation to deal with stupidity.

Although I do feel that there are legitimate criticisms that can be directed at all martial arts for various reasons, when people spend an inordinate amount of time knocking other peoples martial arts it is a sign of immaturity and insecurity.

Another thing I see is people in the combat forum are very dogmatic. But they are just repeating a lot of dogma that other people have come up with, without ever thinking it through for themselves and trying to figure out if the dogma is accurate or if there are exceptions to the dogma.

Maybe I will take a look in the forum a little more often.


Haha. That wasn't an insult. Just saying I'd like a newspaper article or something.

I hear you. But I always liked your point of view even if I disagreed at times, and I'd like to see you in there more often.. I learned today that apparently if you know BJJ you can knock bullets out of the air with your cock. It's just that amazing. Go figure.


It is good to see that someone on this board can recognize sarcasm or at least smartassedness.

This may or may not surprise you but I would sooner discuss the Arab Israeli conflict with Lixy than discuss martial arts with the douchebags in the combat forum.

The ignorance of the combat forum has been mind numbing. I can remember someone posting that eye gouges don't work. When people are that stupid I can't be bothered to relieve them of their ignorance.

I'll try and participate more, but that forum is full of people who are just insufferable.