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CC to IU Syringe. I Can't Figure This Out

If I want to inject 60mg of TC, bottle strength 1000, not 2000. How many IU’s on an insulin syringe is the 60mg equivalent? 40IU on the insulin syringe? I want to make sure as I’m new to this concept. Thanks much.

2000 gm/mL??? Are you sure it’s not 200 mg/mL? This is the typical FDA approved stuff in the USA.

No matter. If it is 2000 mg/mL, you will need 0.03 mL of the stuff. That’s 3 IU on an insulin syringe (3 of the little lines), which is a very tiny amount and will be difficult to measure and dispense accurately.

If on the other hand it is 200 mg/mL, you will need 0.3 mL = 30 units.

I want to know how many IU’s on the inulin syringe to draw for the equivalent of 60mg of TC from the bottle below in the image.

Increments on an insulin syringe (iu’s).

1mL = 1cc

Your concentration is 100mg/mL

Multiply that by .6mL and you get 60mg.

0.6mL = 0.6cc

So you need to draw 0.6cc or 0.6mL to get 60mg of Test.

So on an insulin syringe what is that number?

Depends on your syringe volume. Are you using a 1mL syringe? If so you draw it to 60.

A 1ml (1CC) insulin syringe has 100 tick marks. 100 = 1ml on the syringe and your test bottle is 100mg per 1ml so if you want to do 60mg then you want to fill the syringe to the 60 mark (.60ml).
(Each mark on the syringe is 1mg in your case)

Thank you so much.

I can’t recommend strongly enough that you NOT think of testosterone in terms of “units”. As I write this, I know others have already given you accurate information (60mg of your 100mg/ml Cyp would be 0.60 ml or 60 “units” ON A U-100 SYRINGE - however, not all insulin syringes are U-100…though yours most likely are. You could run across these for example and it would screw up the math entirely https://www.bd.com/en-us/offerings/capabilities/diabetes-care/insulin-syringes/bd-u-500-insulin-syringe-with-ultra-fine-6mm-needle. You’d need 300 units on one of those.

Insulin comes in different strengths just like testosterone. The evolution of the meaning of a “unit” is kinda bizarre but effectively today it means 37.5 micrograms of “pure insulin”.

The proper way to calculate it is to take the intended dosage (60mg) and multiply it by the strength of the vial, set up to cancel units. 60 mg * 10 ml / 1000mg - the “mg” cancels out (one on top, one on bottom) and you’re left with .60 ml. Basic “unit conversion” problem from your high school / college chemistry class.

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That bottle is 1000mg per TEN ml, not per ml.


Each tick mark is 1/100th of a ml on a U100 insulin syringe.

Meaning each tick mark or “unit” on a U100 insulin syringe is 1mg in your case.

Got it. Thanks much

What he said except to add that 0.6mL = 60 units on an insulin syringe.

Wrong. 0.6ml would be 60 units on an insulin syringe that is made for U-100 insulin. On the syringe I showed above, you’d need 300 units to get 0.60ml. Pay no attention to “units”.