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CBS News Report: 'New Legal Steroid Danger'


Gotta love mainstream media and dumb kids...



I'm getting so tired of the arrogant, unquestioning stupidity in this country. People will believe anything in the media or in print. Seriously though, how far off is it before things like protein powder, creatine, l-leucine, surge, etc. are going to be targeted by the skinny-fat and obese population?


I didn't watch the report but if they do talk about Tren and other pro-hormones, they do pose a serious threat to teenagers. Those can mess up your endocrine system and if you are under 21, the danger is much greater.

No news media will ever be dumb enough to target protein powder etc as someone can just point to a science journal and prove they're perfectly safe over and over again.


It was just a matter of time before people caught on to the designer steroids. High schoolers shouldn't be using these things. I think it was a decent piece besides the babbling from Wadler. He really is a grade A piece of shit. "Street drugs, like heroin and cocaine". Someone should inject him with heroin a few times then inject him with a few shots of testosterone so he can see the bullshit he is spewing first hand.


At least that Highschool kid stopped taking Tren.

The world is just massively stupid when it comes to this topic.

I liked how they gave the 'side effects' of "tren" and other prohormones but never said anything really about that they are only temporary and/or these are untested results and/or my producer made this up to sound good.


Yeah, highschool kids shouldn't take it but for that dick had to say, "why don't kids get it?" Dude, because kids want to be bigger and stronger faster so they take this shit. Kids smoke tons of fucking weed, I know a good bunch of kids that snort coke. That's a bigger fucking issue.

Hell, 3 kids I went to highschool with went to jail for heroin, another 4 went to rehab for it, and my class was only 90 some kids.

Highschool kids, are at least smart enough to know that steroids have negative effects. They take them anyways because of the pressure to perform better. It's not a really hard concept to grasp.

O fuck it, I'm wasting my time. The media, administration, and gov't are more ignorant than the fucking highschool kids.


Loved the end where she claimed it "slipped through the cracks due to the administration" (i.e. BUSH) "but hopefully with the Obama administration it will become regulated."



I like the tren kid. Quarter squats with that stupid blue thing... and he definitely looks like he he needs tren, instead of, you know, food.



I say we inject him with 5ccs of pure air into a vein.


Well considering his position in the bureaucracy it would surely be better to get him to change his mind about AAS than to kill him.


You can knock 1/4 sqats, leave the Manta-Ray alone. Those things make haevy squats much more bearable.


what I love about the guy is that he's a big disgusting fat fuck who's probably a walking heart attack waiting to happen yet he is preaching to me about health??? really, you know what is best for people's health...and you're an expert because...?

I agree that we shouldn't have a product like Tren Xtreme or 1-Tren or whatever and call it a legal pro-hormone supplement...they are steroids. If the thing is a steroid to begin with you shoudn't be selling it at a supplement store.

I also don't think it should be legal to sell that shit to kids without the level of development to use it safely or the level of maturity to do so responsibly.

My personal opinion is that we should have the right and the freedom to medically supervised steroid use...there should be researched human protocols, pharmaceutical grade/standardized products, and regular health checks for all users so that people can actually improve their health and improve their life in a safe and effective manner. Making steroids illegal has done nothing to stop people from using, it just means they are using dogey shit like Tren Xtreme.


I could care less if they yank the "tren" products.

They are complete nonsense.

Id rather kids be popping dbol than some crazy progesterones that no one really understands.

Its not really tren, just because they call it that does not make it so.


^lol well said about progestrone. dboll is dirt cheap and most effective when will these kids learn


I dunno, but that news lady is hot


I just wish that education started young about what steriods are, and that schools covered more chemistry at younger ages. Maybe then the media couldn't run bullshit stories that tell girls they'll grow dicks and boys they'll grow tits.


Well to be honest, guys can grow breasts. It's not too difficult actually. It's quite easy to prevent it, but it is a possibility in everyone. Same with the elarged clitoris. That is a real side effect and unlike gyno, it can not be fixed with surgery. But you are correct when you say that girls growing dicks is bullshit. It may end up looking like a small one but it wont function like one.

Not everything the media says is completely wrong. Which, btw, is terrible because people will recognize some of the truths and assume that the rest of the report must be true as well.


Well, I've seen many a guy with a mean set of tits and it wasn't caused by steroid usage. I truly hate the media talking heads. They make me angry...enough to shoot them with 5ccs of air to see what would happen and how long it would take. "They are killing the children" BAAIM! GB sticks you! "Teen commits suicide due to steroid usage" SHAAW ZAAIM! Right in the jugular. Rushmo walks in the room he might get it too, just cus. You can't change their minds even when you present them with actual evidence that proves their statements are unfounded. Steroids are bad, and thats all their is too it.


Steroids are bad, mmmmkay?


Hahaha! I was thinkin that the whole video.