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CBL While Working Out at 9pm


So, i generally hit the gym at 930pm on most days (due to my work schedule). I have been doing CBL, but have a question regarding my carbs pre/post workout so close to bed time.

So ideally, what i do, is i ingest 6 tables of Indigo 3g at 7pm, eat my 1.5 cup of rice and 6oz chicken breast at 8..hit the gym for 930/10 (keep in mind during the day my carbs are at an absolute minimal, protein and fats are high). Then post workout, i start my CBL.

Now here is my question(s). Since my CBL being so close to bed time, do the type of carbs matter? i generally stick to rice, potatoes, pb and j, oatmeal, etc.

Am i doing it right with the Indigo? or should i keep indigo for the CBL portion of the day?

Where can i incorporate surge/plasma in this routine?


Depends if your doing the principles of Strength Accumulation or Density Bulking. You can actually start your 1st carb meal as early as 6pm-7pm. With chicken and rice, I would give yourself a good 1.5-2hrs before training. You can incorporate Plazma or Meadows Intra-MD during your workouts. And finish with a carb load meal before bedtime.

This is just a general template. To be specific, need more details…
What is your training goal? (fat loss, strength, hypertrophy)
How does your body typically handle carbs?
What kind of training do you do? (Mountain dog style, 5/3/1, traditional splits)

I feel that your on the right track, just need more details to fill in the holes.


Me and carbs are a no no.

Currently doing the 5/3/1 boring but big.


Keep doing as you have. Personally, i didnt have much success or benefit from Indigo-3G. I would rather invest that money in peri-workout like Plazma, Surge Workout Fuel. Just make sure that you have a high quality carb meal before and after if you cant get in any peri-workout carbs.

Backload your carbs during your meal after your workout. Always assess yourself the next morning. If you look and feel good then keep on that CBL routine. If you feel weak, flat, soft then adjust the carbs or the quality of the carbs being ingested.

I initially ran 5/3/1 when i first started CBL back in 2012. I had good progress during that trial


hmm no luck on Indigo-3G eh? weird. i thought it worked for everyone…


None really, i heard others didnt have as much benefit either from it. You have to balance the budget. Obviously i didnt get results that i wanted from it, so i invested in other peri-workout supplements.

If you think about it CBL is essentially doing what Indigo-3G claims to do. Instead, you are manually timing carb intake, and shuttling carbs to muscle cells as a result of the CBL after resistance training…

Something to ponder