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CBD Post-Workout?

Does anyone know if CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects would hinder muscle growth if taken post-workout (I have 20mg). In the same way that some advice on here was to take Curcumin later in the day so that your muscles remain sufficiently inflamed from your workout?

If you’re taking it to help you sleep better, then you’re probably coming out ahead in the end. As long as you’re eating/recovering well, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

@antiquity - No idea if you’d have any advice but I think I’ve seen you mention CBD before…my apologies if I’ve mixed you up.

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Yes, that’s me. I have found both CBD and curcumin to work well as a post-workout recovery. I think CBD works best when whole flowers are used (smoked or vaped) compared to pills or tinctures. I have recently been using curcumin and have found that has worked well for me as well.

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