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CBC, Dr Pulled Me Off

Hey y’all

So here is what I worried bout here. Been on Test-cy at 200mg/1cc once a week since Aug. t levels before that time was 211 and al CBC were at normal. Now went for my blood work and visit my Dr yesterday and he is pulling me off because my CBC levels are high. Test was at 1462 on this blood work as well. Here are some numbers

RBC 6.55
Hemogloblin 19.2
Hematocrit 55%

What should I do? He wants to pull me off for a month r two and see where we are then with CBC. Would a lower does help this? Should I be worried bout my numbers? Any advice would help!! I don’t wanna come off as I feel 1000% better. I am 37 years old as well.

Answer- lower dose

Donate red blood cells

Red blood r whole blood? And how much will that bring it down with in the next 4 weeks

We are planning on a low does but I don’t want to stop now tell I go test again in 4 weeks.

Lower dose, double red blood cell donation, take high dose fish oil and get extremely hydrated.

You don’t have to stop. Lower dose and retest in 2 weeks just CBC. Go down to 100 a week. It’s better than stopping.

If RBC not better than you can make decisions.
And maybe a baby aspirin temporarily.

Thank you for the response. Dr made it sound like I was bout to die with that high of numbers

Thank you for your response. Dr made it sound like I was gonna die from them high numbers

55 hct is worrisome.

Double red cell donation. Should knock it back quite a bit

Don’t tell them you’re on test when you donate. You’re going to have to lie or they won’t take your blood

Keep in mind we don’t know your medical problems and history.
My cardiologist recently told me he gets concerned when hemoglobin is over 18.

You have your platelet count and range?

Does anyone know if he cuts back dose how soon does it affect his rbcs?

Platelets are all normal only 3 listed were out of wack. All blood test before treatment were all normal. I do have high blood pressure but it is under control and even better since on treatment

I go back I 1 month to check again so blood work in 3 weeks. My next injection should be Monday. I do self inject so I have it at home

I don’t know if this would help, worth a try.

Thank you highpull gives me different look.:+1:

Two and one half years ago, the American College of Urologists, at their National Convention, came out with a position paper that TRT does not increase the risk of heart attacks, blood clots, or strokes. They did a meta analysis on over 400 studies retrospectively and came to that conclusion.

Some doctors recommend phlebotomy because if someone on TRT does throw a clot, they will blame the TRT. They simply take the lawsuit defensive position.

Here’s my plan!

I am gonna cut in half too .5cc a week half bottle of 200mg/ go a donate blood close to bloodwork day. And I picked up some :fish: oil taking 2000mg a day/ and continue my reg workout plan… hopefully this will look better when blood work comes back and I can continue my treatment from dr when I return. I already know he is going to drop me if my numbers are good just hope not to low…I like 1473 test​:man_shrugging:t2:. If there is any other help with this plan please let me know. I am loving life right now and don’t wanna go back to the ugh me before treatment​:muscle:

That sounds good. You won’t be the first one to manipulate lab results to satisfy the doctor. I know a couple of guys who “supplement” their TRT with underground test (and probably other substances) and cut dosing just prior to blood work so their numbers are in order.

Going forward, make sure you are well hydrated prior to having your blood drawn. Maybe the Tom Brady approach and then some.

Also, keep your eyes open for a doctor that will not focus so much on numbers, 1462 is not crazy high.

Why? I haven’t heard this before.