Cayenne Pepper

anyone supplement with it. what are the benefits.

I supplement with it in the winter, because I’m cold-natured & it warms you up - a lot. It takes a few weeks to really get going, but my husband & I were vacationing in Chicago in winter when it did get going & I was burning up even when we were outside.

Be sure to take it toward the end of a meal & eat a bit more after you take it, or it’ll feel like there’s a volcano erupting in your stomach.

I don’t know of any other benefits.

I use frank’s red hot and ground cayenne pepper a lot, does that count?

the benefits are that it’s delicious

circulation, digestion, and a general cleansing effect. I made my own tincture of the stuff using 350,000HU habanero pepper powder and everclear. Works even better than capsules because of the a)it being a liquid and b)it being mixed with alcohol.

OH, and if you ever get a sore throat, but some in water and gargle with it. rinse and repeat. works practically every time.