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Cayenne in a Thermogenic Stack?


Just got into a diet phase and have recently started incorporating 500mg of cayenne in a thermogenic stack. Has anyone had any experiences using cayenne during fat loss?


I've used products with it before, can't really say it was significant in any means. I just saw that the product contained it and went with it, wouldn't hurt to include it (and may help), but I doubt it will be a significant contributing factor to fat loss.


I have used cayenne pepper in a cutting phase.

However I've never used it as a standalone

Every morning in water I drink a tablespoon of each of the following mix:

cayenne pepper
1 scoop green vegetable powder drink
ground flax seed
Fenugreek seed

A cup of green tea with a teaspoon of cardamom.

Aside from turmeric the rest have been shown to either increase insulin sensitivity or promote fat loss. From the above stack I've seen results.


Thanks for the input guys... I'm adding 400mg EGCg along with a very popular thermogenic as well. So far I've noticed feeling a slightly increased thermic effect compared to the thermogenic alone.


Although anecdotal, I have found EGCG from brewed green tea to be more effective at increasing body heat (even when the drink itself was chilled) than an equal dose of EGCG in capsule form.

I think there may be other nutrients that help with the absorption of EGCG in tea, or maybe heat plays a factor (in the brewing process), but I have noticed a difference. I also noted that many of the studies showing green teas effects used brewed tea.

Personally, I brew about 5 bags of tea in a pot, then put it in a big 2L bottle with some Crystal lite and glucose disposal agents (R-ALA dissolves nicely), it has been a great and cheap thermogetic stack :smiley:


I incorporate EGCg in capsule form because of the very little caffeine content. I'm already taking in 300mg of caffeine a day from the initial thermogenic, and am fairly sensitive to the response... anymore and I feel like my heart will explode lol.

How are your experiences with R-ALA? I've though about using it during re-feeds in a ketogenic diet.


The science seems good, and it was cheap; but I haven't taken it in isolation to assess how potent it is. (As I started it when I still had some chromium left, then switched over).

It seems good, not a miracle glucose disposal agent though (I think any one would be effective, chromium, Na-R-ALA (Thats the one I used), Cinnamon, Fenugreek, etc.)

If it gets the job done :slight_smile: