is it a bad food or no? discuss

THe only times that I’ve had it I noticed that it was packed with salt. For what ever that is worth.

Now this is an interesting question, in fact I was considering posting this very same question today! I assume that caviar at least is a good (if somewhat expensive) source of quality fats, being harvested from cold-water fish eggs. Plus it should have a good mineral profile. Anyone know any more details?

It is the best food if money is no object. Asuuming that this is real red or black caviar of course. It is packed with protein minerals and other good stuff. I used to live in the area where red salmon is the main stapple of the diet and people eatlots of caviar. They areall very healthy strong and resourseful. If money were no object I would eat tons of it.

Excellent food source, but its way too expensive for our purposes. The numbers: 6.9 grams P, per oz, 5 g F.