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Cavemans Diet?


I just joined to make this question..anyway

I want to use a diet that is very healthy and a diet that humans ate millions of years ago (basicly the anabolic diet but more carbs from veggies and fruits?) so basically i want my body to run on fat for fuel but i still want to eat a very little amount of fruit (berries) but my question is will eating a large amount of vegetables interfere with my body using fat for fuel because of the carbs in them?

This is the diet i have been on for about a week now

meal 1 (pre workout)
10 cage-free organic whole eggs scrambled in virgin coconut oil
2 Flameout cap
3 tablespoons natural Peanut butter sandwich on 2 pieces of fake bread (0 calorie 0 carb bread made with all natural ingredients)

(2 hours after meal 1) pre 1 scoop MAG-10 /post 2 scoops MAG-10 (before i have MAG-10 i take 25 grams glutamine post wo to replenish glycogen)

meal 2
2 grassfed steaks ( dont know how much)
small amount of blueberries (10 -20)
1.5 cups raw broccoli with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons
1 Flameout

meal 3- same as meal 2 but take away blueberries and add 1 cup raw organic almonds

meal 4- 2 chicken breast with 2 tbspoons cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
1 cup raw nuts
a shitload of celery (dont know how much)
1 Flameout
meal 5
same as meal 2

meal 6 before bed
5 whole eggs
2 scoops micellar casein w/ 1-2 tablespoons natural peanut butter
1.5 cups raw broccoli w/ 1 tblespoon cold pressed olive oil
1 Flameout
if i get up in the middle of the night ill have a whey/micellar casein mix w/ peanut butter

Thats my diet ik this isn't exactly the cavemans diet especially because of the massive amount of food but hopefully someone can answer my question about the carbs interfering with fat and also if this diet is unhealthy in anyway.. Thank you

P.S Ik im going to get a lot of shit for not naming how much macro nutrients and calories are in this because im too lazy and for not finding out them and for not writing how many ounces of steak i just wrote 2 steaks and things like that so all the haters on this website keep it to yourself on this one because thats all i see on EVERY post.. thanks


And if anyone is wondering about any of this- the supplements i am currently taking are

natural liquid multivitamin
cellucor p6 extreme testosterone booster
creatine (forgot brand name)

My before diet was high carb high fat high protein kind of a dirty bulk and very unhealthy which is one reason why i want to switch

i am 5 11 207 pounds 9 %(before i started this diet) i have pretty average genetics and very fast metabolism and lose fat easily.. thanks


You're going to get a whole bevy of replies on this one.

Did you try and use the search function on words like Paleo, Caveman, Anabolic etc before asking your question?

You're 5 11 207 pounds 9 %? what is it you're trying to do now? Bulk, cut, maintain?

You couldn't be bothered checking your macros? dude, why do you give a shit at all?


Ik its hard for people to help me with out macros but i really cant figure it out and yes i consider this diet a bulking diet im going to try to figure out the calories and macronutrients again and im going to use the search function right now and see i should have done that before thx






i explained what it is its 0 calorie 0 carb "fake bread" i put pb on there instead of just eating it kinda nasty


You're the troll even taking the timecommenting on this thats what forums are for ... dumbshit... do u really have nothing better to do then comment on this... well i think i know the answer to that question


I am curious about the caveman sources of your fake bread, hydrolyzed casein, and anything called "cellucor". I actually am kind of curious about this fake bread.

Carbs from veggies are going to have fairly negligible effect. There just aren't enough. If you added up macros, you could compare grams of carbs in the vegetables vs the carbs in berries.

In conclusion, I think you're going to get fat.


Wait... Caveman's diet?

He talks about it on page 3:

Vegetables do not prevent people from burning fat. Period.

How much has your bodyweight changed this week?

How long do you plan on sticking with this practically no-carb plan before having a carb-up?

And on a related note...

If there's a zero-calorie, zero-carb bread made with "all natural ingredients", I'm a pretty ballerina.



Some anthropoligists and geneticists estimate caveman ate ~3000 cals a day.

And caveman ate whatever the fuck he could find!

He also didn't spend all day working in front of computers.

He didn't use cellphones, medicine, cars, planes, trains or perform bench presses and squats.

Nor was he as intellectually developed as we are now.




I am seriously interested in this fake bread. Maybe it helps build fake muscles.


I didnt meen burn fat as in the fat my body has stored i meant as in the fat from the food and i meant if the vegetables would be used as fuel and not the fat

and MODOK just stop posting on this i always see you around this website just criticizing every thing which is why i think YOU are the troll not me.. i've been reading the articles on this site and forums for over 3 years i just decided to make an acount to ask just 1 question but of course all the keyboard commanders have to hate... its pathedic




And i wrote cavemans diet.. of course im going to bench squat deadlift use a computer and take supplements

and ik that cavemen did not eat the amount of food everyday that i listed but i'm bulking


OP, just a heads up, you're not going to get any positive feedback for a diet like this. I've been doing paleo diet for about a year now, and will typically keep it on the down low around here for that reason. I successfully bulked last fall as well, with a diet similar to this. I've never counted calories a day in my life either...it is very complicated if you want to be truly thorough about it. The most advanced machines in the world could not even calculate your metabolic expenditure in a day, so only pseudo-accurately measuring one side of that equation (cals in) seems of minimal value.

For some reason, if you mention a bulking diet with more than 50g fat/day and void of its morning oatmeal+whey and 300-400g of carbs people will get their panties in a twist around here. Not sure why yet, as there are many roads to the same destination. Just do what you're going to do. If it works, good for you. If it doesn't, good for you...you've learned something. Personally, that's too low carb for even me. I'd probably cycle in some slightly higher carb days, and for christ's sake, enjoy some damned fruit! You're already at 9% body fat! Why are you so hard up on forcing your body into ketosis anyway?


If you want to burn fat, why are you eating so much fatty food? A fat is the same thing as an oil.


BD1000 you only highlight how puerile and ignorant you are with such comments, and it is crystal clear that you haven't read or understood anything on this website.

Shut your mouth, don't treat some of the top members here with complete disrespect, and take some time read, comprehend, and implement the diets and strategies outlined in the countless threads and articles hosted on this website.