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CaveMan Training


I am a post college athlete looking to get back into martial arts. Right now (and for the past few years) I have been doing various split routines, essentially bodybuilding. I'm looking to keep my size and strength but throw in some different types of conditioning work. Getting tired of the same old indoor machine shit day in day out. I'm a personal trainer so of course I know the importance of variety.

I've never trained with sandbags and tires, the type of training that I've heard referred to by some as "caveman training." I know that this stuff is ideal for MMA and it'll break up the monotony. I know how to make sandbags (or i can figure it out), but does anyone know where to get gigantic tires for flipping, sledgehammer hits, etc.? I'm open to other options as well as I live in Az, and can basically build a training area behind the house.


I'd have to say check with your connections, does any body have over sized tires laying around their home/farm such as tractor tires you can use. Another place you can look into is a junk yard or even a tire changing business.


Thanks, yea I googled it and pretty much the same suggestions came up.


You don't have to have tires and sand bags to do training, and most of it is adaptable to use with gym equipment you'd find in most gyms. An empty Olympic bar, a small but heavy medicine ball, a couple of plates, and some heavy dumbbells can accomplish the same things.

Although I will tell you this, the sand bags you'll get from your local hardware store won't due! They break too easily! I'm pretty sure there's an old article on T-Nation that has a link to a site with some pretty hefty sand bags. If you need help getting started let me know.